Is Classic finished due to Layering exploit?

Post is deleted now. But basically his guild apparently made upwards of 100k farming strat repeatedly with layering, and they weren’t the only ones. There’s also a fairly well known exploit site that’s posted about this particular exploit nearly a week and a half ago. There are probably far more people doing this that have flown under the radar, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll receive any punishment.

It’s truly unbelievable that the layering concept was implemented with such little foresight. I’m not the kind of dude to cheat or exploit (or maybe I am! Am I? Have I possibly botted hundreds and thousands of gold prior to HB going defunct? Could I be posting on an alt account and am actually currently using said layering exploit? Who knows!) But instance resetting and rare mob farming was the FIRST thing I thought of when I heard of layering. Layering is a really poorly thought out solution to realm overcrowding. So much so that it seems like self-sabotage.


Even Asmongold believes that everyone exploiting this should be permanently banned. I agree. Permaban them.


Yup, it’s over folks! You can all uninstall now.



16 and life to go…

Asmongold himself used layering-- albeit not to this extent.


And even he recognizes how broken this particular exploit is and that it deserves a permaban. EVEN Asmon. That should tell you how significant this exploit is. It’s game breaking.


Yes it’s doomed, Blizzard is deleting classic tomorrow.




It’s honestly shocking to me how a monolithic game dev like Blizzard, with such a concentration of (presumably) smart designers came up with such an incredibly stupid concept. Multiple layers on a single server, absolutely NO restriction on swapping between them. Come on. Lmfao.


You’re talking about the same company that came up with WoD and thought it was a fine idea.


Honestly so sad to see. Since its already into the economy, its going to have screwed up so much of the pricing, nothing endgame worthwhile will be in the reach of anyone who hasnt done this, the game doesnt have enough gold sinks to deal with this sort of over consumption. It does bring up the question of why bother playing anymore. Doubt anyone will even get banned.


Blizzard doesn’t care or else they would have removed layering by now.


“But guys, we’ll add a cooldown to layer hoping. Up to several minutes should be enough right? Guys?” Blizzard isn’t going to do anything, despite these exploiters deserving suspensions or even bans.


They expected Classic to fail. They still expect it to fail and probably secretly hope it does fail. I know this sounds like conspiracy sh**, but I feel they wanted to use Classic as the bait to get players back and then find a way to attract them to play retail again



I would start playing but maybe it is better to wait for the next server after removing the layer.

he used it himself ban that guy

I haven’t seen any proof that such exploits exist, (not saying it isn’t happening) but if Blizzard refuses to drop the hammer i’m going to be royaly pissed. My wife got suspended from BFA for “exploiting” the xp potions, which didn’t even seem like something out of the ordinary, but whatever.

If they are willing to go out of their way to punish people for a misunderstanding they themselves provoked, then they have to punish this.

Lamest conspiracy ever. Why would Blizzard want to sabotage a low-maintenance version of the game (they literally don’t have to make any new content) that draws in a lot of players?


Maybe, but most non tourists Classic players aren’t going back to Refail. I’ll just unsub and leave ActiBlizz in my rear view mirror.

Haven’t touched BFA since Classic launched, and won’t play it again. I was really looking forward to the eventuality of pristine BC servers…current Blizzard can’t get any of this right…company is in free fall.