I told you so

I needed far more “full stops” than you cared to give in that paragraph. I ran out of breath on more than one occasion.


But they are and already have, they no longer have to due to the massive amount of sacs on the auction house and so they don’t pay as much, no one is going to pay 1g for flame sacs when they are available for 15s.

Even if people would go out of their way to farm specific high value items, it does not change the fact that it would be normally limited by the spawn rate of the mobs/nodes that drop them, increasing which in a multiplicative fashion through adding layers would directly alter the total farmable at any given time and would directly lead to more items on the AH which in turn would directly lead to lower prices.

There is no other reasonable explanation

anyone who knows anything about economic

Anyone who knows the first thing about economics knows that it just isn’t this simple.

You’re comparing:

  1. Different servers (possibly with different drop/spawn rates)
  2. Different populations
  3. Different sizes of populations
  4. Possibly different patches (depending which servers you’re talking about)
  5. Possibly different timeframes

And you’re comparing all of this stuff months/years apart, then saying “exploiters are the only explanation”.


Private servers have overtuned MC relative to Classic. You need fire resist pots more in pservers than in Classic. Thus the higher price.


i have like 29 gold… and no mount yet. so ya. exploiters exploiting is nothing new. the 5 pct cant ruin the economy.

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No, what you’re seeing is the difference between 15k people on a server with the available resources of a world designed for 3k people, and 15k people on 5 layers of a world designed for 3k people. Your private server numbers were artificially inflated due to server overpopulation. In Classic, you’re seeing what happens when available resources increase proportionally to the population.


You are explicitly ignoring the fact that an increase to available items in any context would result in a negative effect on the economy regardless of if people are intentionally exploiting it or simply farming as they normally would due to the fact that you will literally (in the literal sense of the term) have x the amount of items flooding into the economy. You would need to be exceptionally blind to not see how such a thing would indisputably damage the value of any item. Certainly variance is expected between servers and contexts but not a variance of 90% for an extended period of time. To deny that layering has a direct effect on the economy is to deny the law of supply and demand.

I’m not ignoring anything. I’m asking for evidence that these exploiters are creating enough supply to crash the economy of a 50k+ player server.


The reason things are so inexpensive is because there is very little gold floating around in the economy. The skill training and mount gold sinks are sucking it right out as intended. Give it 3–6 months and prices will rise.

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I told you so posts… says A LOT about the person who feels the need to post them… having said that… let me say this…

Who cares about AH prices? Never did and still don’t… things are affordable… OH THE HORROR!!!

Who cares if people are farming a mount by using a exploit? Him having a mount you don’t just RUINS the game for the hundreds of thousands of others right??

OHHHNOOOOOSSSS… someone has more money than me! I can’t price gouge the market with my purple lotus because I took a week off work to race to 60 so I could make all the money and now someone beat me too it!!!

Give me a freaking break with the melodramatic crap…

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Enjoy your ban :grin:

You think you do. But you really don’t.

Early servers are usually a “Buyer’s Market”.
Later, things will change. We need more people leveling alts and progressing in raids to see it become a “Seller’s Market”.

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This is like asking do you have any evidence if water is wet? Obviously the massive exploiting has significantly effected the economy. Also obvious you are just trolling. I mean does 2+2 = 4 :man_facepalming:

If you aren’t trolling just watch Tipsout newest vid on the exploit, how it was done and the implications of it. Then how everyone that abused it should be banned, the items should be removed and the GOLD needs to be removed from the economy!!

“It’s obvious!” isn’t evidence, sorry.

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Actually it is. You just aren’t looking at it. I also posted evidence for you to take the time and go see obvious if you want.

Exploits for weeks dropping prices 10-15 times what they should be and stock pilling BoE patterns, items and mats. People exploiting Mara runs selling them for gold or items by only doing certain bosses with layering. Etc…etc… :man_facepalming: Yes obvious is obvious.

Side note stop trolling. :joy: Or it just might be a Gnome thing

Actually it is.

Oh, in that case, it’s very obvious that the exploiters are having no significant impact on the economy on any server. There, now we have the exact same amount of evidence for each of our claims.

Exploits for weeks dropping prices 10-15 times what they should be

What’s your baseline for what prices “should be”? How do you know the prices now are significantly different than they should be?

I’m not saying people aren’t abusing layers. I’m saying that it’s nowhere near as widespread or having anywhere near as big of an effect on the economy as you people are saying.

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Alex actually told you so not this imposter

Alex Was Right

You are completely wrong and this was massively abused. I told you to also go watch the video but I just can’t continue on the forums with obvious trolling you are doing. So gonna stop feeding you. If you can’t take the time to freaking understand how badly this messed things up… then that is on you. Google works my friend. I am not taking the bait because you are bored and want to waste my precious time. Go watch the video, then go google since you don’t understand.

It’s Tipsout exploit video and impact. Watch it.

I mean it’s like you don’t understand how the economy works. If you can’t figure out how there are 100’s of times the amount of material that there should be because of layering exploits then I don’t know. If you can’t figure out that this cause prices to drop 10-15 times the price they should be than I don’t know what else to say. Go do some research and when you are wiser come back to the thread. Try to attain a basic understanding of the situation.

There has to be massive Ban and hopefully Permanent ones for this exploit. It is a massive deal breaker

The real question is will Blizzard remove all the exploited gold and materials? How long will the Bans be? This is a big deal.

Sigh… I love how people want you to waste your time to explain every detail to them in a thread. I am not hear to teach you the basics. I provided some insight now run a long and gather some better perspective so you can actually engage in the conversation. :man_facepalming:

Well who knows.

Earlier yesterday we had a reply from CS who deleted a thread about instanced reset layering and how it wasn’t possible.

Now 8 hours ago we have a fix for a problem that a few hours before hand we were told wasn’t a thing.