I told my guild I'm quitting

Hey I think we’re on the same server. Have I got a deal for you!!! Invest all of your gold into Voodoo Financial Services and I can guarantee you a 10% ROI for when you come back for AQ.

I see no chance TBC is good. Its way too easy to screw up. Certain patches make alliance pointless to play, trivial raid content even further and take away attunements. I think its pretty safe to say that Blizzard will 100% put 0 effort into TBC and release 2.4.3 and call it a day.

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Google “excessive video gaming”.

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While there certainly can be arguments to be made as to whether someone’s lifestyle is better than someone else’s, based on some criteria, that has very little to do with the actual change.

The blue post does not state anything along the lines of, “To improve the health of our gaming community, we are limiting the time you are able to spend doing some things, while explicitly stating that this will not impact some other activities, where people are given ranks, titles, and access to gear to prove they have spent unhealthy amounts of time gaming.”

Had it read that way, then maybe this sort of conversation would belong in this thread. As it stands, it seems like an aside, and could use its own thread. Perhaps the title could me, “My thoughts on how the instance locks can improve player health.”


6 hours aint hard in a lock down really.

Ayaya! I hear you are Kind of A Big Deal!

Sucks to lose someone to a change that does not appear to be related whatsoever to what it claims its intent is.

Because that wasn’t the purpose of the patch. Its purpose was to limit the amount of gold botters could farm on a single account. They didn’t consider insane players when they made the change. The whole side discussion we’re having now is necessary because a group of obsessed players insist that their obsessive instance farming is the norm, that the change impacts the player base as a whole, and that players are going to leave in droves. It’s not, it doesn’t, and they won’t.


Oh, I see. That’s an interesting perspective!

I suppose it leaves the question of just what sorts of numbers of players do play this way, versus what sorts of numbers of bots are.

I don’t really have any guesses or claims on that, but I see where the argument is coming from now, thanks.

It’s something like, “If Blizzard has access to data, and determined this change to be acceptable, then it’s probable that it won’t affect as many players as you might think.”

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Backlash? They have more people rooting for them than they ever did before, usually when they make sweeping changes they’re terrible but this time it hurts bots/multiboxers/sweaty tryhards/boosters .

Everything wrong in today’s society is hurt by this change and the legit players are not.

We usually hate on blizzard but this time it’s a step in the right direct, go blizzard :smiley:

About you quitting… good move also



It feels really frustrating that it seems like the only recourse we really have is to quit. The only avenue we really have to communicate with Blizzard is these forums, which are toxic af and make me think they dont even bother reading this.

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I canceled my sub too, i’m waiting to see if anything changes but this whole thing brings into question where this game is headed. This is an incredibly idiotic thing to put into the game that couldn’t possibly have had any thought put into it.

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I can only play for more than a couple hours on Saturdays, so I schedule things so that I have ALL Saturday to play. This change screws me so hard… Why not a weekly limit instead of daily? It would fulfill the same function, but not screw people over who only have one big day a week to play…

EDIT: The limit doesn’t even solve the problem in the first place, so it’s completely pointless to begin with (unless it was intended to get gold sellers to just pay for more accounts to stack subs in preparation for Shadowlands release). It’s infuriating.

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Go play outside it’ll do you good

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lol, I do that every day when I walk my dog… Am I not allowed to have one day to myself where I get to play as I wish?

Yes but don’t you think 30 is overkill tho?

Wouldn’t you be satisfied with 15?

alright, you’re trolling…

I get bored of DM jump runs after 3-4. Id never go past 10 even if I lost my job


Do you get bored of your job?

It may seem that way. It may also be that you’ve encountered someone with a perspective on this that is at an extreme from your perspective and/or vice versa.

Not everyone is just like you. I enjoy farming for items or runs for long stretches while listening to music and chatting/joking around with friends for a day. sometimes taking a break to help a guildy with a dungeon or two. Now I can’t do that on my Saturdays.
Just because you don’t enjoy it, doesn’t mean others don’t. I’m not the kind of person who logs in for a bit every day, I like to play for an extended period for one day of the week where I can truly escape and relax and spend the rest of my week doing other things. sure, you don’t play that way, but I do and this ruins it for me.

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