I told my guild I'm quitting

I don’t understand why you guys are using /played. It’s irrelevant.


That’s how the instance timers work?

You can’t do 30 in less than 6 hours with lockouts…


Me, and everyone in my guild leveled in classic with 5 man dungeon grinding. We did it, enjoyed it, and certainly would not have been able to with this stupid rule.

They even include bwl mc and ony in the count. How do all these blizzard shills justify that?

That’s such a dumb statement. You realize that some people have busy schedules and that they may only have one day to play for like 12 hours. So they spend part of the day boosting or farming and the other part doing whatever. Not everyone has 2-3 hrs to play every day…

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Go and count the amount of dungeons you’ve reset by 3:51. It’s only 15 instances. You’ve proved everyone’s point they’ve been try to get you to understand, it will still take 6 hours to hit the daily cap of real life time to reach 30 instances because the game starts the timer once you exit the 1st instance to reset it. You can only do 5 instance resets in a 1 hour real life period of time. Your time model shows this trend exactly as it is. Either you are really bad at math or you are counting entering and exiting the instance as 2 lockouts.


Incorrect unless you have two separate accounts. The current system is account wide so if you do 5 arena runs on your main in 30 minutes and you log out then switch to your alt on the same account and you try to zone into say The Stockades you’ll find that you are still locked out. This was explained in the blue post so your only option is to open world farm or sit in front of the instance portal waiting to get in again or time your runs to be 12.5 minutes long by farming trash or bosses for drops/vendor loot then reset so you can do instance after instance until you go for 6 hours and hit the 24 hour real life time 30 instance lockout.

Can I have your stuff?


Sounds like you don’t actually enjoy raiding / playing the game with your friends / guildies.
G/L finding a more enjoyable way to spend your free time.


You where clearing 5 full dungeons in 60 minutes?

You’re not on any quests in there, so you just /raid and steamroll them for gear and such.

Or you go in so overly geared/outleveled that he mobs are no challenge. Green mobs give tons of XP when you gather a bunch of them.

I’ll miss ya. You were fun to have around on the realm. IIRC you helped me ding 60 before my first raid night and that was fun.

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same here friend. i miss classic already

doesnt resetting on an alt cause an instance lockout? not sure so i am legit asking.
if you clear DM lashers on a mage then log to an alt and reset, thats 2 instances reset yea?

There simply isn’t enough popcorn … not even close to enough … :grin:

Dont worry, for every 1 real player leaves, 5 more bot accounts have subscribed lmao

Don’t worry, they will add a cash shop item for 5 bucks, that either lets you do another 30 per day, or unlocks the instances for 24 hours.

Your reading and/or math skills are weak:

  • 30 instances / 2 hours = 15 instances per hour
  • 30 instances / 3 hours = 10 instances per hour

No. Playing for 25 minutes, logging out to do something else for 35 minutes, and then logging back in for another 25 minutes isn’t even so bad. Repeating that behavior five times a day, however, is obsessive.

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Be honest. You weren’t doing more than a dungeon an hour while leveling. Most players complaining about this are the ones soloing level 30 dungeons with their level 60 character to get multiple copies of a broken level 30 weapon that is BiS as long as it has charges.

The others are level 60 players who are repeatedly farming the first couple of BRD bosses to get BiS gear. This change is not going to affect leveling players.


You think 5 man melee cleave was doing one sm an hr lol ? You think people who were literally playing 18 hrs a day on launch weren’t hitting 30 ids in 24 hours lol?

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