I think... Classic

  • First 3 weeks.

Are you saying phase 1 is 3 weeks, layering is 3 weeks, or both?
I haven’t seen anything confirmed yet. We have 2 videos of Ion contradicting himself between first months, first few weeks, phase 1. I’d honestly like to know what the actual times are for these things.

I’m saying that layering will last only the first few weeks of Vanilla, NOT Phase 1. Saying Phase 1 is either scaremongering, or ignorantly listening to the scaremongers.

Ion literally promised it would not last past the first few weeks.

Sounds good. I think that is the bulk of what happens in a lot of the forum topics lately. We get partial information from Dev sources or tweets and people run with it making assumptions or the telephone game.

I’m hopeful that they stick to the plan of only the first few weeks for layering, but I also would like to know how long phase 1 will be. It isn’t critical information, but it would be nice for people to know how much time they have with MC/Onyx raiding before PVP kicks in for phase 2.

Max 4 months, if they try to stick to the 2 year cycle.

Played on a pserver just to tease myself, and all issues with vanilla re release aside yoh are absolutely wrong. 100% inccorect.

Uptight much?

For you. I like to give away lowbie bags and stuff that I don’t need any more, and I can’t do that half the time. People ask for guild sigs and a bunch of people say no unless they want to pay thousands of gold. I can’t even sign for some of them, unless I stop what I’m doing and go make an alt on another server that I have to delete afterward. Can’t give the healer in my BG or dungeon any food/drink etc. if they ran out of something. Can’t craft for people asking. I could go on… but yeah.

No, the game maker has to take responsibility for making the game good enough to keep people around. It’s not my fault the game is dead.

My experience is fine, cuz I just do w/e. I’m just killing time, but thanks for all your concern.

I said dead, not lonely. It’s a shell of its former self.

LOL, there’s too much hand-holding. I’m not the one who asked for it.

Meh, I ask people to group when I feel like grouping. I don’t care enough to bother trying to build long term friendships at this point, since I won’t be around that long. I’ll find plenty of interaction in Classic.

I don’t know why you felt the need to yell at me over what was mostly a sarcastic post in the first place. Do you feel threatened by Classic or something? I’m sure they’ll keep retail around too.


No, I actually want a positive experience in classic. But I’m calling it now. Week one is going to be full of complaining about all the anti-social retail players ruining the game, because so many people remember this community of holding hands and singing songs that just never existed. Back then, people communicated just as little as they do now. Me and other mages communicating sheep targets was literally an addon that warned you that you were targeting someone’s sheep target. Outside of “sheep left” a lot of dungeons were very quiet. And then a lot of people in their rebuttal starts out with “well with my guild…,” yeah, with your guild. Something I can do right now. I can log on and put a guild group together and we can BS the entire run. I can also solo queue for a dungeon and get a conversation started. I’ve made friends in random dungeons.

Almost every complaint about BfAs community vs Classics community is 100% at the fault of the person making it. If you can’t make friends, if you can’t find people to interact with, to the point that the game seems dead, it’s your own fault, because all the rest of us aren’t having that problem.

Unfortunately, that’s the attitude you’re going to be bringing into classic, is that somehow people treat the community differently, and that classic is going to magically make us all talk to each other. When in reality, we have a community in BfA, you just choose not to join it. But you’re going to expect a miracle from us in classic. We’re not going to build your social interaction for you, not in Bfa, and not in classic. Again, you have to take responsibility for that.

All of you are expecting something out of Classic that it just can’t deliver. The community didn’t change, you did.

While you have a point that some responsibility is on players to help foster a good community, I still disagree with you blanketing that perspective across all areas. The reason that people use the community card when referencing classic is because it forced players to go outside of their comfort zone to be social to meet a requirement/progress/accomplish. It doesn’t mean that people suddenly were super social and friendly, it just means that there were enough gameplay aspects requiring those mechanics which caused an overall better social experience than you find today with retail.

In retail people don’t need each other. It is called an mmo, but you are just soloing everything with randomly generated AI. Everything is automated and casualized to remove any potential need for interactions with a player. Sure I could start up a random conversation with someone, but the chances are much lower because people expect to auto raid sign up, follow the flashing buttons for their rotation, auto loot collect, auto role define, etc. If they don’t do their auto functions then they receive toxic responses or get booted for the next random person who will.

Summary: While the community is indeed based on the people, when the environment creates a requirement for those people to work together it does foster collaboration and partnership. If the environment allows pure convenience and no need for each other it fosters individualistic perspective and judgement on anyone that is different.


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Amen, brother.

I’d have to disagree on it being worse in classic solely based off of the fact that at least while you were grinding your class wasn’t boring af to play compared to bfa. Where I’d rather rip out my own nails than keep trying to find a class that’s remotely fun lol

I don’t think most people see a kumbayah fest, just a game that fosters interaction instead of solo play.

Something as little as throwing someone a buff mattered, and just makes it a better experience.

Perhaps you’ve had different experiences than I, in both instances.

Yeah, my guild died as did my original server (even joined with another it’s only medium pop now). All my old friends, family, guildies, stopped playing some time ago.

When did you find the time? Most people just want to speed run everything. Actiblizz metrics have made everything about reward per hour or more accurately per minute. The more they squeeze, the more “efficient” players become. Go, go, go!

Looking forward to some nice, long, dungeon crawls.

I make friends just fine, thanks. The game “seems” dead because millions of people have left, leaving it much more empty than it used to be.

I talk to people all the time. Some even bother to respond…

I had way more interaction in the 2 day stress test than I’ve had in months of retail.

Nope, the community has definitely changed, as has the game.


Didn’t they say it could last the entirety of phase 1?

No. Never.

They guaranteed it would be gone by Phase 2, whenever someone asked if Layering would affect World Bosses, but that was because World Bosses don’t exist in Phase 1.

It’s like saying “Did the Sumerian empire ever fight with the Romans?” “No, the Sumerians died out before the Roman Empire.”.

And reading that as “Wow, the Sumerian empire lasted until the start of the Roman empire??”

Okay but where are you getting this 3 weeks from? Saying it will definitely be gone by phase 2 doesn’t roll out it being in game for the duration of phase 1

Try to raid, or get through a 5 man, or PvP, or island expedition, or kill the elite world quests… Oh, right, you need other people and you play with other people…

Go back to retail and the Wall of No, please.

Not directly, no.

They said it’d be gone by Phase 2.

That means it can last up to Phase 2, not necessarily that it will last that long.

An interview where “a few weeks” was the phrase used. They’re just guessing, same as anyone else.

No one actually knows how long layering will be around; not even Blizzard.

We promise we’ll do this a few weeks in

You’re brave Eloraell. This is SO not the hill I’m willing to die on :woozy_face: