I think... Classic

I think Classic won’t satisfy anyone. At least in large numbers. Going by all the complaints I see about BfA and the grinds, there’s no way they’ll enjoy Classic.

It’s not going to please the hardcore nostalgic people, because you will never have your past experience re-created for you without a time machine.

It’s also not going to please actual Vanilla players because it’s nothing like Vanilla, there’s going to be layering and who knows what else along the way that warps the dream entirely.

I’m still gonna make a Druid in Classic for sure and try it out because I loved Druid in Vanilla. But I’m still extremely skeptical in general.

Also, remember how bad Class balance was in Vanilla? And how many specs were just straight up unplayable and garbage? (So bad you can’t even compare them to a single BfA spec.)


I think you’re wrong. So Nyah.


Grinds? There are no mandatory grinds in Classic. You can choose to grind if you want to, vast majority of players won’t. All reputations are optional. There are no daily/weekly artificial tasks, there is no fake max level progression.

If you are using grinds as example, you haven’t played old WoW.


Heh. You don’t know the joys of doing the starter zones for all races at 60 so you can work up the reps for their mounts before the cloth delivery dailies. :smiley:


There’s no mandatory grinds in BfA either, honestly.

Unless you want an Allied Race and yes, I’ll give you that, the grind required for a neat race you want to play is pretty bull. Wish they’d either scrap it or reduce the rep requirement massively.


Yes there is, if you want to PvP at a high level you’re forced to PvE as well as grind daily quests.

Transmog collection, mount collecting, raiding, mythic, all require grinding.

The game revolves around grinding because the devs lost vision, instead of select aspects requiring a little grinding and then fun if you wanted to play with the big boys now it’s entirely a grind.

You’re forced to grind in every aspect of BfA and if you can’t see that you’re either very naive or blind.


How is transmog collecting and mount collecting mandatory… at all? Or even mythic raiding?


You seem insecure.


I think we’re over looking the key word “mandatory” here.

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Is that why so many of you are on the forums instead of doing the non mandatory grinds?


I’m queuing BGs on my alt right now.

So you’re grinding


No… and even if I were what is your point?

I never said BfA doesn’t have grinding, it’s an MMO of course it has grinding. I’m saying the grinding is worse and more difficult in Classic. This was far before the game was casualized to the degree it is.


You said there is no mandatory grinding. Which if it were the case you could do things other then just sit around and do nothing, which isn’t the case.

BFA is entirely focused on grinding in every aspect, everything is repeatable even a majority of the quests you do while leveling up.


Eh… you can’t really judge it like that.

Classic players (edit: the ones on the forums) are a bunch of whiners. They’ll complain about anything or nothing, and nothing will ever shut them up until we all stop playing the game.

In spite of all their whining, they’ll play anyway.

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Probably true.

Sounds like you don’t like difficulty in playing, then classic is not for you.


I just want to play classic to hang out and chat. So I’m ok with that. I don’t have much time to play online games anyways.

Oh, I hope a have great journey until I reach level 60, and of course, meet some good friends along the way.


It’s not me who minds difficulty. I like a challenge. I’m just saying it won’t go over well since the atmosphere and time constraints for a lot of players have changed.


What about flying?