I think... Classic

I find the social aspect of old wow much more fun and engaging than BfA. I am not complaining, I simply don’t play retail wow much because I have found it less and less fun as the years have gone by. This is why I am looking forward to Classic and the opportunities that returning to the original version of the game affords.

And yes, you did judge me.

All because I prefer the social experience of old wow to retail. I am a random stranger on these forums, and I find it bizarre that 2 people felt enough need to judge me that they had to post.

So gonna pre-face what Im about to say by saying that I support musuem piece WoW. Every element of classic that isnt like vanilla is a piece of history gone.

Now that I’ve said that Im gonna say something thats decently unpopular. Im hopeful classic leads to improvements to WoW itself. I think there are far too many things wrong with retail to be fixed, but the potential for expansion content that doesnt touch classic is there. I want that content.

Now that Ive said all that Im gonna say something even less popular. I sorta agree with OP. I think that some of the changes to the game might cause it to feel bad. There are already numerous bug reports on hunters being broken in ways they werent for vanilla. I get a strong vibe the game being based on the modern engine MIGHT leave some unhappy.

The best example I can think of is homeworld vs homeworld remastered. Now while I think a good chunk of Retail wow’s graphics are embarassingly bad compared to classic, I think the homeworld remaster nails the graphics in a way retails turn for tooniness never could dream of.

But the remaster was done in the homeworld 2 engine and…well…see for yourself from someone who knows better.

For those that dont want to watch, the video talks about formations and ship behavior. In the original homeworld formations and behaviors gave you much stronger control over your ships. The TTK of combat is much lower in the original than the remaster if you know what youre doing.

In addition, the combat system has a major flaw in that it was changed so attacks are RNG based instead. In the original homeworld they used actual physics.

Now Im not saying that WoW is gonna end up as poorly executed as the homeworld remaster, but what I am saying is that the engine is different, things probably arent going to function the way people remember, and things might be different.

In spite of the statement that “they have the original code” so did the devs with homeworld. They built it on the homeworld 2 engine instead supposedly for easier multiplayer interactions. And hey look, vanilla isnt being made in the old client, its being made in the new one.

So again, im not saying the game is gonna be bad, and on the contrary I quite think I will love it, but I am saying that you might not be quite as happy with it as you would with the real deal. Thats all.

then play bfa…
i like many others cant wait to play classic.

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That’s fine but you’re also going out of your way to avoid the social community in bfa, while that isn’t wrong most of it is terrible to begin with but if you can’t interact with the rdf pug where its a lesser number of players that is on you, I don’t know about others but I’ve had great interactions in and out of dungeons.

Honestly, I think there’ll come a 3rd game. Classic will be fixed in stone, Retail will evolve for the chipmunk pavlovians, and a third “Vanilla Styled” game will evolve for the Vanilla crowd. But only if Classic maintains a high playerbase for the first 6-12 months. Launch numbers are irrelevant.

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I have had precious few RDF dungeon groups that say much, or answer/respond when you say something, just rush though the dungeon as quickly as possible with little social interaction. It’s not that those people are wrong or bad, I simply have found it all less fun than dungeons used to be. Maybe I was unlucky in groups, but my point is that I had MUCH more fun prior to connected realms, crz, LFD, LFR etc, and I look forward to playing without those things again.


At least you see the truth of classic and its numbers, asmongold himself stated that the game won’t be as great in the player count 6 months down the line regardless of phases. People will do what they set out to do and people will quit, people will quit because of nothing new this is why people call for classic+ instead of plain ol classic, my assumed player count is anywhere below 500k up to 1 million if we’re lucky after the initial 6 to 12 months give or take.

Mine is 500k, but even that is enough to justify taking Vanilla, TBC and Wrath art assets and rebuilding a new game on those principles.

I personally have not played vanilla, I started on and off in wrath. The community aspect is what I’ve heard about in vanilla is the draw for me but I’ve also know about the little parts such as ninja looting to general toxicity generated by the mechanics of the game, all of this is why I’m making a guild designed around casual players.

I think… you have no idea what you’re talking about OP

I hope we all get something similar to the community we used to have. It wasn’t all pretty, there were trolls and ninjas of course, but I had a blast back then and hope I can have similar experiences in Classic.

Personally I’d like to see a vanillaesk or tbc designed wrath with new content being added from there. Such as planned but scrapped content like Azjol-nerub being its own massive set of zones.

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I think a lot of us will find the community that has been lacking from modern wow. Phase 1 will be a little weird but after they take out layering it will be fantastic

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Pservers could pick up the slack if it’s considered “unacceptably divergent”

I like to be optimistic and think that they have a n opportunity here

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It’s weird, it’s like most of us don’t exist in a polar world where everything has to be an “either-or” choice.

Sadly that was somewhat based around your guild and server, it’s up to those around you to form that desired community again, it most likely won’t although if it does it might devolve into a much better bfa community but with 1000x more interaction.

I have a variety of pets in my home which does contain 7 dogs, 2 cats and a kitten (some more exotic stuff like sneks and hedgehogs)

I’m going to enjoy Classic. I played Vanilla up through Wrath, so it’s going to be nice to not feel rushed along like we are now. As in, the fact that even getting from level 1 to level 10 took longer than it takes now. I’m going to take my time, enjoy the journey to 60, and relive my favorite maps back before they were messed with.

And grinding is a part of every MMO, honestly. Players just get to choose what they grind. Nothing is mandatory. Heck, someone could make a toon who does no dungeons, no raids, and just grinds, say, Fishing. If that floats their boat.


Oh, come on. Don’t you want to make long lasting friendships and be super social with all those people you can’t even trade with and will never see again? lol

Where are all the people anyway, cuz the game feels dead to me. I came back a few months ago and was like :open_mouth: what happened?


Are you in some obscure rarely used zones? Because I see and interact with people all the time. And I can do everything that I actually want to do with them. If I want to group and do quests, nothing is stopping me. Trading is a complete non-issue, mainly because I don’t run around opening trade with random people. Your ONLY limit is yourself. There’s no rule that you never have to see these other people again. /friend still functions in the game. Use it. YOU have to be the one to take responsibility for your experience in the game.

At some point you all have to finally grasp that the reason BfA is a lonely game is because you don’t take the initiative to change that. Blizzard isn’t going to hold your hand and make other people play with you, you kind of have to do that yourself.