I kinda don't like spell batching

That’s like saying rate of fire on a gun in a FPS nullifies the need for twitch reflexes.

I played the stress test. Felt very Vanilla to me. If anything the overall play experience was very smooth and crisp. Likewise, the game play I’ve watched on live streams looks great.

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Uh, no. It’s not like that at all. WoW is not an fps and the GCD is there to pace out skill usage in combat when there is an inherent lag between the user and the server.

There is no such thing as “twitch” reflexes in a game like WoW. You don’t click heads, you tab/focus target and spam abilities in preparation or reaction to certain combat factors and situations.

RoF in a FPS is a balancing tool to make different weapons of varying power and range comparable to one another. Don’t know how you came to the conclusion you did because it’s patently wrong.

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Your router is a firewall to the web, well at least in most situations it is.

If you utlize the DMZ you remove that barier.

Classic has s global CD on nearly every spell and ability

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It doesn’t because of how FPS games are designed.

Naturally most games are going to require some kind of reflexes, but WoW doesn’t require that you manually aim most abilities. Hit rates are determined by a dice roll, meaning you don’t need to both accurately and quickly react.

Vanilla WoW being a slower paced combat where virtually everything is on the GCD plus not typically 1 shotting each other(unless there is a severe gear difference) means that you don’t need super fast reflexes without spell batching.

Arguably spell batching increases the need for super fast reflexes because that up to 0.5s window provides you a chance to counter-play, but only if you react fast enough. That’s more twitch than anything else in Vanilla.

But it should be there, because authenticity.

No it isn’t, otherwise stopcasting macros wouldn’t have had to exist. GCD exists just as much to pace skill usage over time just like any other cooldown and to prevent you from using all all skills at once. It’s the same function as uncancelable animations in other games.

Sure there is, it got worse when Blizz thought they should turn a game that doesn’t revolve around twitch reflexes into an esport. I can only guess you didn’t play at all reactively or heal PvP or anything if you think that’s true. Probably a class where movement wasn’t important either. Or maybe you think I was talking about spamming frostbolt in raids?

So rogues/cats have less lag than other classes? If GCD is about lag and not pacing gameplay, then why would some classes get longer GCDs than others?

Removed this part because the troll can’t get past a typo and a generalization lul.

Half of your wall of text is basically reiterating what I wrote, albeit incredibly more longwinded, and you never actually rebutted anything I wrote.

GCD exists because there is netcode lag between users and a server. There is no disputing this. Longer cooldowns on skills are for balancing purposes.

Rate of fire, or RoF, has nothing to do with accounting for server lag and everything to do with balancing high damage weapons for light damage weapons within the same category, i.e high RoF light damage assault rifles vs. low RoF high damage assault rifles.

WoW GCD is in no way comparable to this game design element.

Nowhere in the definition of twitch reflexes does it require aiming at heads or lack of RNG. RNG is the basis of most twitch based gameplay in early gaming history.

You don’t need especially fast reflexes, and that’s the way it should be. If there’s a big enough gear disparity that one shotting is a thing, twitch reflexes are even less relevant because the person one shotting isn’t going to get one shot.

As opposed to twitch not mattering to get the skill off first?

Stopped reading there, opinion disregarded, BFA, etc.

Fixed it for ya, dingus.

Stopped reading there, opinion disregarded, BFA, etc.

Ok so you think RoF = GCD but you can’t handle a generalization of the GCD before haste for certain classes?

Standard WoW forum troll confirmed.

I explicitly mentioned the exceptions but you seem a little too dense for that. If GCD was based on lag and not gameplay, there’s no reason why there would be a discrepancy. You also seem tot hink that somehow uncancelable animations aren’t a thing in single player games where lag is a nonfactor.

I don’t think it’s working correctly.

If I’m using Seal of Rightousness then the Holy Damage should ‘pop’ as soon as I white hit. But If I white hit and use judgement before the damage from SoR displays then I’ll lose out on the extra 15 damage.

Rogues, Feral Druids and Monks with a 1 second GCD aside, uncancellable animations are irrelevant to the point which is that you are wrong in comparing RoF in a FPS to GCD in a MMO.

Twitch reflexes are about reacting extremely quickly to something that happens in the game.

The randomness games used with it have to do with requiring the player react quickly to something unknown.

A game where you have 1.5 seconds to consider your options regardless of the outcome of the action, and will very likely not die in those 1.5 seconds given equal gearing, does not fall under that definition.

My point here is that even without spell batching, Vanilla WoW doesn’t have twitch gameplay because of how the rest of the game is designed.

Getting the skill off quickly still matters in Vanilla with or without spell batching.

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Healing under Classic’s spell batching seems authentic. Watching a streamer heal as a shaman, he casts the spell, is deducted the mana as the spell finishes, but the target dies afterwards without receiving the heal. This is vanilla healing 100%.

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Your argument was that GCD was for lag goalpost mover. GCD is just an action lockout, which exists in pretty much any kind of game, and has little to do with lag. RoF is an action lockout because things are indeed balanced around you not being able to perform an action an infinite amount of times in a given period of time.

I take it you’ve never PvP healed before or movement intensive class and just played some spammy use everything on cooldown class, never had to carry a flag or juggle objectives in general.