I kinda don't like spell batching

Goalpost mover?

You’re the one who rebutted my original inference with an incorrect analogy bud.

For you to be so buried in your opinion that you can’t see how inherent server lag would be absurd to balance around without a GCD is insane to me, but hey, to each their own.

Enjoy Classic man, you clearly need a distraction.

Most games already have action lockouts, why you think lag is the primary consideration is beyond me. You could be playing a single player FPS with only one semi auto gun, and it would have an action lockout defined by RoF so you couldn’t fire off an entire mag in a millisecond.

No, they don’t. There have been a total of two private servers that have tried to implement spell batching. Both have it currently disabled because it wasn’t working properly. And neither of them were vanilla server.

Please stop misleading people. No one playing on a private server has experienced proper working batching.

Also, by definition, yes, depending on where your spell lands in the batch .2 is working as intended. Hell it could be twice as long as that if you land early enough in a new batch. This is exactly how it is supposed to work.

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Go back and re-read what you wrote and my response.

You said a DMZ gives unrestricted access to the web (in this case Blizz) - A DMZ does not give YOU unrestricted access to anything as anything can block you on their end with their firewall and security.

A DMZ gives EVERYTHING unrestricted access to YOU.

You said it the other way around in the part of the post I quoted. DMZ isn’t some magic door that gives you access to everything - it opens access to YOUR network. Anything you connect to can still limit your access but now has unrestricted access to your network because it’s in a DMZ.

You either phrased your post wrong or have a gross misunderstanding of network protocol.

I take it you no longer have any real arguments so you’re just resorting to ad hominem now.

You’re conflating stability of the game with balance of the game.

Keeping a player from dumping 100 rounds into a target in half a second is called balance.

Using a universal cooldown for everyone and everything is inherently balanced because it affects everyone equally, therefore it must have some other consideration for it’s existance. That consideration is accounting for server lag that affects players differently depending upon their connection/geographic location.

So that’s a no? You do realize you don’t get a full 1.5s to pick healing targets? You have to pick the best healing target by the time your cast ends, and that can be constantly in flux. You also don’t seem to have been ganged up on like FCs usually are since you seem to view things in terms of 1v1, and FCs aren’t actually spamming things while running. Timing is important. One could argue there’s a degree of twitch involved in just keeping a rogue in front of you so your spellcast doesn’t fail.

And not being able to use a dozen abilities at one time is also called balance. The fact of the matter is the GCD isn’t universal. Rogues/cats get 1.0s, which is for gameplay reasons. Your logic is just wrong.

haha the old 128k days :rofl:

First world problems lol. As someone who played WoW for 10 years always at 180+ms range, the classic spell batching doesn’t bother me, it feels just as normal.

My logic applies to more than one MMO which is why I used the vague terms everything and everyone. Your caveat doesn’t invalidate that logic; it’s not an accident that those 3 classes are the only ones with a shorter GCD…those 3 are also the only classes/specs that utilize Energy as a resource.

All that aside, Mr. Hypocritical-goalpost-mover, I already mentioned balance in regards to the GCDs existance earlier, I’m simply stating that class/gameplay balance takes a backseat to the server lag benefits of a GCD.

Timing being important doesn’t automatically make a game twitch. Twitch reflexes refers to a rather specific style of gameplay, not just “you have to react to it at some point, so it’s twitch”.

Also you’re kind of arguing against your original point of “You don’t need especially fast reflexes, and that’s the way it should be” here now that you’re going on about all the fast reflexes that are needed in Vanilla WoW in PvP.

Do you actually have a coherent point or are you just trying to be right on the internet?

So using energy as a resource means lag is a nonissue? I don’t even know what you’re arguing anymore. If you designed a game like WoW that was single player, like a RT D&D game, you’d still have a GCD to simulate pacing from turns.

No, I don’t believe I said anything in regards to the why of the matter, simply that it is.

I’ve made my point numerous times, you just conveniently ignore and try to undermine it with jumps in logic and assumptions.

Twitch is a spectrum, not binary. I’d like WoW to be as non-twitch (esport) as possible. It’s really that simple. It’s an MMORPG, not an MMOARPG or an esport, and it shouldn’t be. Some classes do indeed require faster reaction times than just spamming things. It seems like you’re the one that really doesn’t have a point.

You’ve simply asserted that GCD exists for lag reasons despite the fact that if you were to design a game like WoW with a skillbar of a dozen abilities, you’d still put in a GCD even if there was no lag. You haven’t made the logical connection between lag and GCD. Multiple design choices point towards the GCD not being designed just to deal with lag.

My point has always solidly been that Vanilla WoW isn’t very twitch gameplay without spell batching and that spell batching, if anything, increases how much twitch gameplay there is(which runs counter to your original argument about how you like the artificial lag because reduced twitch gameplay).

Which rather than come up with a real counter-point to, you just tried to say I never played a healer.

Which I did in Vanilla, but that’s also irrelevant to my actual argument.

I have made the logical connection between lag and the GCD, about a half-dozen times now.

You can’t seem to understand that a game function can have more than one function, or that certain functions are equal to or greater than others in terms of design or importance.

Maybe Blizzard does value the balance provided by a GCD more than the advantage of not having to account for netcode lag discrepancies, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valued at all.

I simply don’t agree with your assessment. Batching might open up a window for twitch counter, but without a window for a twitch counter, it’s just pure twitch whoever lands the thing first. Actually, it’s probably worse because it’s who has the lower latency gets the opener. There’s no opportunity for a counter, accidental or twitch.

Look man, I see you still typing up a storm down there, so I’m just going to bow out now. We’re both pretty ladies and we both have huge e-peens. It’s fine.

Again, enjoy Classic.