I kinda don't like spell batching

I get that it’s “blizzlike” and all, but it makes things feel really slow and laggy. Like…it feels like I’m playing at 300ms latency with that delay on everything from attacking to casting to looting.




I really like spell batching.



It’s authentic to Classic and the game was literally balanced around it.

If you want more authenticity play it on DSL or Cable like we did back then. You really can’t experience Classic until you play it on 128k.

Or if you were lucky and had a cable modem you could enjoy 3-6 Mbps! Blazing fast!

Hah! reminds me of questing in westfall and suddenly BAM! 800ms. 1200ms. 2000ms. It was almost like a game, how high can the latency reach before the server chills out?

I like artificial lag. I don’t like games that just turn into who has the best twitch reflexes.


That’s weird because one big consensus from streamers is how smoothly Classic WoW plays. No one mentions lag at all.


We’re not playing on glorified dial up anymore.

And the servers themselves are probably much better than they were back then.

Not to mention Blizzard has learned a thing or two about server performance over the years.

I didn’t notice any issues in the stress test. But then, I played Vanilla. Maybe I’m attuned to it.


Well there is the whole GCD thing…

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There is nothing wrong with spell batching however the current iteration of “spell batching” is not accurate or true to how it actually was in vanilla.

If they can fix spell batching to be more true to how it was I would be happy. In general the window seems larger that it was in vanilla.

An example:

  1. Interrupts:
    Are not behaving properly, on the beta clearly interrupting a spell and having it go on cooldown can still result in the spell going off 0.4 seconds later.

  2. As a result of said bigger window double polys, gouging blinks, cross ccing etc seems more common place than what actually happened in vanilla.

  3. The slight delay on judgement seems more pronounced then it originally was as a result of these seemingly larger spell batch windows.

  4. Pet commands seem less responsive then how they originally were.

Basically in short, refinements need to be made to this replicated version of “spell batchibg” to more accurately reflect how things were.

The interrupt one is huge and shouldn’t even be on the spell batch window. An interrupt should always work 100% of the time if executed within the window of a cast with no wiggle room (note I am not talking about juking a cast).


Idk why but whenever my mom would use the microwave I’d lag and get dc

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I remember moments where both a cast finished and i would still get locked out of my school. But then again memory is a faulty thing.

Interesting, I am seeing some very mixed reviews on this.

Some people tell me (my brother included) say its extremely crisp and responsive while other’s like your self are saying there is lag.

Something is going on and I am starting to think it’s Windows 10 and the 1903 update, it’s been giving me all kinds of hell.


After you work all the bugs out of the 1903 update by actually getting it fully installed so that you no longer have background download going on (YES WINDOWS WILL DO THIS)

Then check your game play again.

If it continues to be laggy then check your connections to the rounter; if you’re using Wi-fi then swap over to a hard connection. (YES THIS HELPS)

If the problem persists you could have a permissions problem between your router or windows firewall and Blizzard.

How to test:

Find the instructions for your router (if you’re inexperienced) and put your PC into the routers DMZ (This will eliminate the rounter firewall protection but also give you unfettered access to Blizzard servers… (risk included for test only)

If lag continues to persist then disable your windows firewall (risk included for test only)

IF you continue to still have lag, then attempt to remove any connected devices (excluding your PC) from the router so that there is no sharing of bandwidth.

If you have exhausted all these and still experience lag, I will see what I can think of that might help.

Indeed spell batching is pretty terrible. I get that it was required 15 years ago due to tech constraints but just like I’m not on a dsl connection anymore I don’t want the servers to be run like they’re on 15 year old hardware.

Oh well i guess it makes people happy to pretend they have skill when they win the spell batching lottery.

Can you provide direct quotes to back that statement up?

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“F___ that loser.”
—Jay Wilson, Blizzard Entertainment

I liked spell batching from private servers, it feels smooth and actually makes sense.

The one on the beta is :nauseated_face:

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Got nothing to do with windows, it’s all to do with the subjective feeling of spell batching. Some people are going to be fine with 400ms batching, for some people it’s going to feel extremely laggy/unresponsive.

I think it more dependent on where you are playing from. Since the beta servers are likely in NA, players playing beta from EU or OCE are less likely to feel ‘laggy’ as a 200ms artificial delay is not as noticeable when your latency to server is 200-300ms, but for someone from NA, a 200ms artificial delay is huge when your server latency is 20-40ms.