I kinda don't like spell batching

It’s not just laggy, at least that would be consistent. It’s erratic which is far more annoying. I would rather they just give everyone an artifical 200ms ping than what they have now which is a huge 1-400ms processing window.

Spell batching wouldn’t be so bad if everything wasn’t clunkier than it already was in Vanilla.

I don’t personally have the beta to test with, however my connection to Blizzard is excellent at 23 to 29 ms depending on traffic.

As for Win 10, the 1903 download takes place in the background regardless of our desires to block and and deal with it manually. Sure you can DL manually and install (forced), but the background download was indeed interfering with my Sea of Thieves experience last Friday / Saturday and causing me a lot of excessive lag, 1/4 sec in an FPS is monumental amount of lag, and even though the “latency” looks good in tests, the actual lag was horrible in practice.

For me this was all windows 10.

After completing the entire 1903 series of updates I was back on track for my gaming session and things were great.

This same issue could indeed impact Classic WoW testing, so it’s wise to deal with PC side issues no matter if we think they’re related or not. That’s testing 101.

Additionally if your modem is also a router and you got that hardware from your ISP they do occasionally update your router for you. (the do reserve the right to do so) This is done to help prevent issues with security that they could be potentially be blamed for; it’s standard practice.

Updates such as these can block critical ports that are partly needed for game play, and create an intermittent issue.

As a tester you should always investigate your connection first and make sure you’re not the problem.


Speaking of latency. I thought during much of my play time until BC was announced give or take, that the Warrior’s shield slam and Rogue’s kick had a 15-20 yard range. I wondered what Blizzard was thinking then.

It was what it looked like from my side of things.

Yeah, I am not a huge fan of the “artificial lag” feeling it produces either but as a historical server I think its good.

If Blizzard ever does a “Vanilla+”, pulls a classic runescape and starts an alternate path of expansions more based on Vanilla design philosophy then I would hope spell batching would be cut. It really does just feel like you are playing with high latency.

For Classic specifically I get it though and can support what Blizzard is trying to do.


I’ve already said this a few times in this forum, but I remember (on my old comp) taking a screen of interrupting a spell that killed me, and the combat log confirmed it. This wasn’t even Vanilla, it was in TBC.

The log literally stated me doing damage with pummel, interrupting the spell, and that same spell did enough damage to kill me.

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I mean it adds artificial latency to every action you do, up to 400ms. If you haven’t noticed it at all maybe your reaction time is inhumanly slow. This reminds me of people who say the human eye can’t tell a difference between 24fps and 60 fps

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Yup that’s how batching works. It’s the reason mages sheep each other, and things like what you posted happen. People need to look up the definition of “batching” it will help them understand better

Private servers dont have spell batching.

Actually, most of them do. And curiously, some are better handled than on the beta.
For some reason, the heals are late and I am fairly sure it shouldn’t be affected by spell batching. You were able to vanish a death coil, but heals shouldn’t have a 0.2 seconds delay.

Then again I might be wrong

False. It doesn’t give you unrestricted access to anything. It gives anything unrestricted access to YOU.

Heals can have up to an additional 0.4 seconds delay with Vanilla spell batching.

I mean, the UCD and the batching are what made WoW and RPG instead of a twitch based game.

It allowed that people -regardless of age - could play the game because of that delay. It turned WoW from a spamfest into more of a tactical game - instead of who hit a button faster it came down to who used the cast delay time the best including the time between casts.

Love spell batching.

Also it’s pretty funny.

…Uh, no, the global cooldown did that, not spell batching

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What’s funny is that WoW:Classic plays slow like FFXIV with its GCD.

Yet, everyone complains about FFXIV’s GCD, but loves WoW’s slow spell-batching…


Yes I can.

That makes sense. Spell batching was designed as a technology workaround for slow internet connections… to level the playing field.

Recreating this creates perceived latency. While it may not feel as smooth and responsive as live, unfortunately the “fix” created situation that are very Vanilla s a result… A mage sheeps a rogue at the same time they are sapped. It just doesn’t get more vanilla than that. :slight_smile:

No it shouldnt. If my cast is at 85% -90% its through. I wont fake there cause batching will most certainly make ma complete the cast.

If you want to kick, you kick earlier. If you wasted a gcd or your rage / energy, thats your fault and you will be punished for it.

Tldr: kick earlier.

Even classic spell batching can’t compete with FFXIV gcd. It’s like almost 3 seconds!!! The only saving grace for FFXIV is that you end up with enough off-gcd abilities that you don’t feel like walking away to make a sandwich in the middle of fights…

Is that not what the global cooldown is for?

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