I just want my characters. why is this so hard

Played classic bc to lvl 70. took a break, resubbed, my characters are all lvl 60… on rattlegore. I have zero abilities to do anything with them. cant enter the world or transfer. I was able to make a DK on a new server, but I want to play the toons I spent all freaking winter lvling. Been trying to contact “support” but thats a bad joke thinking youll actually get help. if i cant get my toons back, just give me my money back. not lvling from 1 again on all these guys.

Unfortunately, due to several factors, ticket times right now are pretty bad. It’s taking 7-ish days turnaround for the majority of tickets. If you want to try and get a refund - you can start here:


As for your characters being level 60, perhaps someone else may have some insight, but when it comes to refunds, the sooner you request them, the better chance of it working. I do wish you well.


If you had characters on Burning Crusade Classic prior to it advancing to Wrath of the Lich King, then they would be accessed via selecting Wrath of the Lich King Classic in the launcher.

Any characters still on the basic version of Classic would be accessed via the World of Warcraft Classic option on the launcher menu.


It looks like you may have already located your characters, Beastiboy, as you seem to have used the Free Character Moves available for Sulfuras. To give a little background though, we recently had realm consolidations for realms that had very low populations. You can find more information on it in the thread linked below.