I flask every raid

It’s not a meme. Skitra is far harder to get a random LFG to do right than anything I ever did in Vanilla/Classic.

I havent flask once yet since I started raiding. I refuse to pay 180g+ for a flask… no gracias.



AQ40 will be harder than retail heroics. LFR is truly worthless content - you took a watered down encounter in which almost nothing matters and made it two degrees of difficulty easier.

On most tiers you clear everything (or at least everything but the last boss) on the first heroic raid night. I guarantee a lot of people who downed Nefarian on day 1 won’t clear AQ40 during the first WEEK.

Very true. Melee hunter experiment and pure ranged warrior experiments back this up. Arcane mage did ok tho!

Arcane is, by a wide margin, the best mage DPS spec until AQ40 (when fire takes over). Most raids take only one or two frost mages for Winter’s Chill.

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current raid tier its not required and if everyone flasked and used consumables you would clear a bit faster but the way I see it is ill stockpile till aq40 later bosses or nax before I start using 500g a night on raiding consumables. No point going broke driving through farm content when the only benefit is maybe 10minutes of time.


Dude mages dont even play the game they just smash a button while watching netflix and eating chips until the bosses are dead.

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I wonder how well this comment will age.

Are you aware that this doesn’t matter, right? Most people cleared Nefarian on day one, not only the best guilds.

What APES, GRIZZLY, etc do isn’t indicative of the difficulty of the content, considering they have been clearing it for a decade now. OF COURSE they will clear AQ40 within hours. Most people who cleared BWL on day one won’t see a C’thun kill within the first week.

Have you ever gotten stuck on a boss for weeks, downed it with like 5 people alive and then one-shot it with no deaths on the very next week? Things are just easier after you’ve actually done them.

Yeah common guys it may take pug raids almost two entire lockouts to the get the mechanics down, then every one can talk about how AQ40 was so easy cause everything is balanced for naxx and then we can destroy naxx by over gearing and over stating it and say TBH is where the real challenges begin!

If you say so champ. I think you’re overestimating the difficulty, again, like most people.

Well, I was warning people that 1.12 content would be WAY undertuned for the gear and talents we’d have access to on Classic’s release since like 6 months before the actual release. The only things that actually surprised me was Nefarian being a pushover and Firemaw being the only boss on which guilds struggled a bit.

I will be surprised if AQ40 is as easy as BWL was, mainly because a lot of private server guilds who cruised up to that point crashed and burned once they couldn’t simply skip every interesting mechanic with raw numbers.

Again, I’m not saying the content will be hard. It will just be harder than a lot of people are expecting.

amelioratus hit it square on the head - there are good players and bad players in every guild. good players usually leave guilds if they are carrying more weight than they’d like to, especially if clearing the raid content is actually at stake.

and, i haven’t played retail since cataclysm, but lol at the remark that naxx is LFR level. Can’t wait to collect tears from people who thought all of Classic raid content would be faceroll because of MC and BWL

High parses are not the only indicator of a guild’s ability to clear content. If they are even an indicator of anything beyond level of sweat.

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you are the strawman master

You imply that sweaty neckbeards are “carrying” the rest of those who are not as sweaty. Regardless of the necessity of being carried. Again, as earlier analogized: it is like over-analyzing Hank the Dog (Or the Big Red Dog) book.

It is like someone taking steroids to go on a hike, and then claiming that those not taking steroids on the same hike are not putting in enough effort and are being “carried”. It would be awesome if folks could see how absurd they are being.

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The boss dying is the only metric that matters.

How bad is your raid team that they are relying on a flasked mage?

This is largely going to depend on how well they do with C’Thun’s beam, I think.

I don’t have experience in AQ40 and Naxx, but from what I’m told and what little I’ve researched I think Skeram, Princess and C’Thun will be the big hurdles for inexperienced guilds - boss wise ofc.

Good players leave guilds that don’t stack world buffs and full consume if those guilds do not give them a reason to stick around - there are plenty of other things to make a guild worth sticking around for and even suffer through the content around.

If anything, brute forcing the content as a means of fighting player attrition is taking the easiest route possible.