I flask every raid

One of the most important things in this entire thread is listed right here.

Despite your effort you cannot make up for a bad tank, bad healers, or bad DPS. You can’t make up for bad placement, positional awareness, or when something odd occurs.

As your guild group progresses your parses will get better and better.

There is no reason to flask in BWL, let alone MC or anything else. It’s more important that the 39 other people are doing their job, before you need to start fine tuning your performance with flasks.

I’ve seen it create the opposite mindset, people literally ignoring their role in order to tunnel vision on what’s going to give them the best parse.

Mages don’t decurse properly, people ignore welps on Broodlord, etc.

Some of this might stem from guilds that do stupid crap like award bonus points to “highest DPS” etc.

Where did I say “what’s going to give them the best parse?” I was talking about using consumables. Using consumables is not the same as chasing parses and ignoring mechanics.

Stop spewing nonsense.

AoEing whelps would give a higher parse, though. lol

I didn’t say that you did say that, I said that I’ve seen the parse brain culture create the wrong mindset in players in that they focus on what’s going to give them the best parse over what their role is in the raid comp.

Stop telling people to “stop spewing nonsense” as some kind of passive aggressive way of bullying them out of their own opinions. Either use the forum for discussion, or don’t.

I’m honestly not sure if whelps in Broodlord count towards the parse or not, but I don’t think they do or I’d have seen whelps counting in worlds top parse logs.

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I don’t disagree, but how is that related to what I said?

Stop saying nonsensical garbage and I’ll consider it.

How exactly does “I use consumes” translate to “I ignore mechanics to chase parses”?

Ah, you’re right. They changed it a while back to not include whelps.

Maybe that was a mistake. Now “parse brain” encourages them to ignore whelps, whereas “parse brain” would’ve made them kill whelps before.

Still includes the other trash mobs, though, funnily enough.

Cool. Just dont complain about lotus, bots and prices of flasks.

Also realize you are creating that little economy.

Also, refrain from calling those who clear the exact raids you flask for names like casuals, dadguilds, etc, or imply they dont care about 39 other people, or self-improvement ( again).

Your flasking doesn’t make you better in any possible interpretation of the word, than anybody else.

Every flask you don’t drink, puts us closer to killing the bots and gold farmers :grinning:

See? I care about more people than just 39 rando tryhards :slight_smile:

Sincerely an alchemist who fleeced your mentality for a while until I woke up and realized I was part of the stupid lotus/bot economy.

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Look at what what your original response was in response to - in regards to how it’s related to what you said.

You really get triggered easily, when people were not even talking about you specifically.

A strawman?

I said the same thing to them:

Again I ask, how does “I use consumes” translate to “I ignore mechanics to chase parses?”

For example, Restorative Potion on Lucifron. That is a consume that is specifically used to address the mechanics.

How about Greater Stoneshield Potions for tanks, increasing armor. Is that about chasing parses?

Major Mana Potions/Dark Runes for healers. Chasing parses?

Sure, there are throughput consumes, e.g. the caster flask, but drinking one every raid does NOT mean you ignore mechanics to chase a higher parse. That’s nonsense and you know it. You’re conflating two very different practices.

Yep, you’re right - but if you don’t take the time to explain it at that level nobody ever comes to an understanding. Now we’re in agreement. :slight_smile:

Again you fail to understand what it was you were responding to, and instead interpreted it as an accusation leveled specifically at you.

Get a grip, dude.

There are absolutely players who substance themselves up as much as possible to parse as high as possible, while ignoring other gameplay mechanics. Oftentimes players do so just to parse so that they keep under the radar of parse-maniacs, who would lambaste them for parsing low should they actually perform more functions during a raid than simply mashing a dps button.

Again, parsing is as much as, if not more toxic to an MMO than simple DPS meter epeen waving was.

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LFR is harder than Naxx. Just saying.

The only thing that makes Classic WoW raiding “hard” is the community, the content itself is a joke - unless you intentionally make it hard by not playing optimally.

There is “optimally” and then there is every conceivable buff/consumable/flask/elixir/enchant possible, and anything less is considered by some as phoning it in.

To me, “optimal” is clearing the content while having an enjoyable time, playing as a not bad (not standing in clouds/puddles), having decent gear and upgrading that gear to more purple and number heavy numbers over time. Many cannot help but heap pressure on those who are not parsing optimally beep beep boop, as though they believe Ion himself is watching and will be selecting the cream of the crop to join Elitist Jerks and live in Blizzard Valhala for eternally, drinking mead from the belly buttons of young elf maidens.

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It is not. I wiped more on Firemaw than on LFR Uldir. Stop with this meme. LFR has determination stacks which almost guarantee you’ll pass DPS checks and mechanics are trivialized. Adittionally, if someone is real bad, you can easily replace them.

I just don’t consume or world buff unless I hit a wall and the content warrants it, seems like a simple enough take on things.

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Absolutely. They are (imho) more for getting over the hump until not needed, rather than a given just to parse every shred of raid content.

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Yah but it’s a player choice one way or the other - for some the content legitimately is difficult - for others it’s about getting that dopamine hit from yellow crits and big parses. To each their own.

I take issue with people trying to impose their way of playing as being right or wrong - or when their way of playing impacts the other 90% of the game.

Yes, until that choice puts undue pressure on those who play fine, do not die and do not suck, simply because they are below the parse-addict curve.

Agreed. And like I said, certain things should be used to get over those humps.

Again, that is well and good, until it effects those who do not chase that dopamine hit.

Not sure where you are going with this. I have witnessed first hand how advertised non-hardcore guilds have a certain number of hardcore tryhard sweaties who do their thing, and then turn around and pressure others to do the same, so they are not “carrying” them as much.

That’s basically where I was going with it - the competitive end of Classic, parsing, should be left to truly competitive guilds. A lot of players who don’t know any better emulate those competitive guilds thinking it’s the right way to play the game, and are robbing themselves of a good experience - I think - some people are flat out unhappy but are caught up in sunken cost fallacy and too scared to take a step away from it.

It’s a lot to think about, but the nature of world buff stacking and full consuming to someone fresh sort of sets them up for failure in a lot of ways - up to and including being so afraid of losing that they never step outside of that culture thinking it’s how it is everywhere.

This isn’t meant to sound demeaning or anything, though, and I by no means have any idea how much of the community are actually buying into this mentality - but I am a firm believer that they exist.