I flask every raid

And use consumables, why? They’re readily available to use. I care about my performance, 39 other raiders are relying on me as well. using flasks/consumes aren’t “try harding” its called people in effort. I don’t know why people get shyt on on here for trying to be the best they can be? Retail is the same way, why shouldn’t classic be? Consistently improving is a quality trait to have. Shytting on “hardcore” raiders because they care isn’t fair.


I see that just like in the retail forums, self-declared “hardcore” classic raider see themselves as victims.


I don’t care what you do personally. If you are willing to put in the extra effor to flask every raid and farm world buffs, more power to you. I just don’t have the play time to do that on content that is already on farm status, and find it kind of ridiculous if my guild required me to do so. To each their own :slight_smile:


If we listened to everyone on the wow forums then no one would be playing the game.


Because flasking doesnt matter until AQ40/Naxx lol Its is “try-harding” when you’re trying so hard to down trivial content. Most i use is Elixir of the Mongoose and i’m near the top with all the flaskers/world buffs etc. I did up to Naxx 4 horseman in vanilla back when we knew jack all about the game and we did just fine, til of course horseman. This is all your choice as to what you wish to spend on one or two nights of raiding, i’m just laying the facts.


I would rather bank those flasks until progression content TBH


For what? Clearing raids 1 minute faster? What will you ever do with that 1 minute.

If the effort doesn’t change the outcome of the event, what value does it actually have?


Nothing wrong with that, good for you. Just don’t demand everyone else flask and have all world buffs up to down ZG :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, this will be a good thread. I can’t wait to see all the gray parses talking trash about the OP.


Did someone hurt your feelings by calling you a try-hard?


casters and your 2 main tanks are the only ones who could get good value out of a flask every week.

no one speed run flasks all their melee, hunters, and healers for BWL every single week. edit: if you are doing this please stop, save those flasks for naxx and darkmoon faire weeks

Relying on you to drop hundreds of gold? For farm content most pugs can clear?

You’re playing a really easy game as hard as you possibly can. It’s like giving 110% on Hank the Cowdog books when you probably should be reading Stephen King level atleast.


i don’t need to. we have no progression fights currently and can kill the farmed content without it.

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it would be more akin to doing a deep dive on the symbolism and themes of hank the cowdog.

some of us really like Hank the cowdog, ok?

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If you can afford to, who cares?

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that is the pragmatic mindset and its fine to think that now, but burnout is a thing. if they have access to burnout-free lotus, sure.

healers in particular gain minimal value from flasking in bwl. like the value is so low that i would actively discourage my healers from using them in non-dmf weeks. they gain nothing that is practically useful outside of fringe .0001 cases (basically, the 1/10000 chance you die on a tech pack and titans flask would have saved you) and potentially lose something in the back-end of the game (flasks when they are much more useful in naxx)

No one cares how you choose to play the game, and no one cares that some guilds require them. Only people that care are the ones that want to put in minimal effort for maximum reward.

Its infinitely more important to have 39 other people with the same goal, than it is to have 39 people who view and play the game differently. One group will succeed, the other will fail.

You literally only press 1 button…


And most call that “over analysis”. Most people when presented with Hank the Cowdog would read it and discuss it if they found interest. And because of the simplicity of the book, most the to-knows from it are presented fairly surface level.

See how that analogy applies to the authors post. I’m not shaming anyone for doing it, but do you see how people dumping in hundreds of days played on Hank the Cowdog could seem like a waste?

The effort and reliance from the other 39 players for you to give it that type of play, is not needed. You and your friends/guild could have the same completion without the extra effort.

We all know why max geared raiders go into raids with 5 World Buffs and every other imaginable consumable, and it’s not to progress on a boss they’ve been struggling with…

Like the only reason to buff yourselves out the wazoo is to do Vael before the tank dies, and even thats just cause you can, lol.