I flask every raid

Great analogies actually

yeah, it is taking the easy route. i’ve done it the hard way multiple times and failed to see all raid content because of it.

so now i “take the easy route” and use consumes and world buffs and play with players who do the same, and also have recent experience with all the raid content.

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well, we dont carry anyone in our raid except trials who have recently joined. everyone in my guild actually likes applying themselves in raid content so we dont have issues about people giving less effort than others. really nice to not have to deal with that

I somehow doubt at this point that your panties do not absolutely knot up the moment you notice a fellow raider not flasked/elixired/buffed to the teeth in your presence.

Not being mega completely flasked/elixired/buffed up is “giving less effort”. You’ve made that abundantly clear.

yeah i mean…when we call for everyone to flask, everyone does it. its only during progression and for 1x a month speed running.

and yeah, if i see someone consistently not using zanza potions, nightfin soup, beer buffs etc, or missing world buffs, then I’m going to talk to them and find out why.

i think fusion has temp. loot banned or demoted 3 people MAX since classic launched because of these issues. Since November we’ve probably fielded 300 individual players on the roster with the average number at any given time being 160-180. 3 players is a small sample and proof of our players’ willingness to contribute to helping the guild achieve its goals.

It truly must be a miserable experience raiding with you.

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apparently not, since only 3 people have been punished for the guild policies since september

I occasionally check the realm discord and try to get the head buff, zg buff and maybe rend from time to time. The content is not difficult and I have a hard time justifying spending hours each week collecting buffs for raids that are cleared in less time. I’m even going to stop using Mongoose this week as the cost has climbed and it’s simply not worth it.

I don’t care about parses or any of that nonsense in a videogame as I’m a functioning adult, all I care about is boss dead and loot. If your life revolves around how fast you can clear content so you can log out 30 minutes before me then more power to you.


Pretty sure nearly every mage is doing the exact samething.

Hardcore and try-hards aren’t the same. But nothing is wrong with either if you want play that way.

Try-harding, while Hardcore, is looking to impress people and wanting acknowledgement for it by consistently bragging about something.

I can be casual and be a try-hard during raids.

No one is mad at anyone for doing good or better In raids.