I feel bad for the devs working on WotLK SoM

It’s not too late for some tweaks to this system. I think everyone brings up some pretty good points, to be honest. Finding a non-broken way to work in more Emblems of Conquest (beyond the ONE additional emblem for the daily) into Heroic+ could be a good start.

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I agree it is a balancing act that will probably end up having some type of detrimental effect. Hopefully the Heroic+ dungeons offer a challenge without a large barrier to entry for fresh 80s

They are still being paid no matter what happens. No reason to feel sorry for them.

If Heroic+ drops emblems of conquest (Ulduar) and there is no lockout, people will spam to get the chest / helm t9 and also the offsets.

I hope they can tune the challenge / reward properly for these. I feel like the change Blizzard really wanted was the catch up mechanic of sticking 25m loots in the old 10m format, but they also needed to find somewhere to dump the old 10m loot.

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I think what people are forgetting is outside of alts, this just isn’t good for mains as they should have naxx 25 gear or be going into ulduar and getting those drops.

I feel bad for the devs because they have absolute morons in charge of them. The devs probably want to make the game enjoyable for all while those in charge of them want a new yacht.


pssshh, they can make heroic happen real easy.

let retail devs come over and rework scaling. they ahve done a bang up job making even normal leveling dungeons way more…“interesting”.

It is no good even for alts! We can get better gear easier in Naxx/EoE/OS10 with 213/226 gear that will drop next phase.

Could be cool. I’ll wait til there’s more info before doom and gloomin :slight_smile:

It really is comical how stupid the current Activision employees working on WOW are. All you have to do is look at Dragonflight. They’re intentionally making mythic+ harder and effectively lowering the quality of gear people can get unless they’re some no lifes. WOW was the most popular when it was BRAINDEAD EASY. NO NORMAL HUMANS want the game to be difficult. So what do they do? Make Dragonflight HARDER. Restrict gear acquisition more. Try to release an unnerfed Ulduar.

Hi idiots. NO ONE wants unnerfed Ulduar. Only no life losers. The vast majority of players just want something mindless they can chill out and play with friends while they’re relaxing. They’re such asinine clowns they’ll never get it. WOW’s done.

ah so they are reinventing the wheel instead of just giving us what wrath had, RDF and a new emblem for each tier. there is 0 incentive for me to do heroics or heroic+ if im just gunna 25 gdkp every week anyway. why do something for free for weaker loot when u can get paid and get better drops

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Let me understand what you’re saying

Blizzard Tries something new in Classic to retail a constant flow of content

“This content will be dead in the water and will suffer from the same issues we have today: the pool of players participating on this content will be medium at start and then very low at the end”
Uh, I think you’re OVER estimating the position a LOT of players are. There are a LOT of people still doing Heroics daily to catch up because they haven’t played at start or people playing casually or people making alts. The point is to catch people up without having them go back into Naxx ONLY but this allows them to do Heroic+ or Nax. It’s not easy content at all either, this is harder content. It’s not something RFD will be good for it’ll quiet literally fail harder as it’s suppose to be like raiding Nax if it’s going to drop similar gear.

"why are they spending time making content that will not be as used as much from players. What is the purpose of investing developer hours on those? "

Because it’s a LOT of content that will not be done anymore. Only ever being done in original wrath again when introduced to RDF and having to forcefully give players incentives to do Random Heroics because no one was queuing in a higher level and queue times were high for anyone that wasn’t Tank or Healer.

The Classic Team is a lot smaller than you believe it is. It’s not the equal to the retail team. Not only this but their liberties to do with Classic is not the same as retail as Classic SOLEY exists because players wanted the experience of the older expansions as it was

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As someone that does GDKPs on the daily,

  1. They’re deff not rebringing you if you’re bad just so you can get a cut.
  2. If you aren’t geared already or have some gear you better be a buyer or a carry. There’s no in between. Not everyone has that liberty to do either side either poor or bad.
  3. If you are neither you’ll find yourself very quickly being on no invite lists on discords or someone they add on block. Unless you’re in a big realm (Like most people complaining on Forums) you’re going to run out of GDKPs that will take you.
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And you can’t even put a note saying if you’re looking for Titan Rune or heroic dungeons unless you get SMS protect with a post paid number. No reason to not separate titan rune from regular heroics, so people can find what they want easily. Or, let people type in LFG chat without being listed in group finder.

Have they done any iterations on their group finder tool since this post?

I dunno, sounds like it’ll be fun. I’m glad they’re trying different things on a small level, if you don’t need it don’t do it.

Wow that was a long post to complain about not having RDF. We get it.

In other news on any decent server heroics with the LFG tool are easy as can be to get into. Heck just leveled another mage last weekend and the only effort i put into getting a heroic group is to hit the “list self” button and boom, couple minutes later someone sends an invite.

Blizzard is doing something WRONG for classic.

They removed RDF from the game and created this “heroic+” which, by their OWN words, is a catch-up mechanism.

Ulduar ilvl gear will be 232 (normal 25) and 251 (hard mode, 25).

Heroic+ is dropping ilvl 200 gear.
Heroic+ is requiring at least pre-raid bis gear to run. It is slow because of higher hp and dmg mobs do and bosses with more hp, dmg and abilities.

On the other hand:

Naxxramas 10 man will drop 213 ilvl gear from Naxxramas 25.
Kel’thuzad, Sartharion and Malygos 10 will drop 226 ilvl gear from their 25 man version.

Naxxramas 25 will still drop 213 ilvl gear.
Kel’thuzad, Sartharion and Malygos will still drop 226 ilvl gear.

Both Naxx, Sartharion and Malygos, 10 or 25, will remain at same difficult next phase.

What do I mean with this:

It is easier to run Naxx / EoE / OS 10 and 25 to get geared as a "catch-up" and get 213/226 ilvl gear than doing heroic+ which is harder than regular heroics, slower than regular heroics, and it will drop ONLY ilvl 200 gear.

I hope that you understand it now.

Tell me you lack reading skills without telling me you lack reading skills.]

If anyone still don’t understand, let me summarize it for you like you:

They’re adding irrelevant content that will drop outdated gear that takes more effort to get than the existing raids in phase 1.


Have you thought that maybe, just maybe, heroic+ is more for alts than it is for mains?

I’m assuming the end bosses of each heroic+ will have some of the 213 drops from Sarth/maly/KT10. That’s probably a big enough draw for some filler pieces between weekly runs of naxx10 if you’re catching up.