I feel bad for the devs working on WotLK SoM

If you haven’t read the post and then watched yesterdays’ video from the community council and devs chat about Ulduar PTR:

  • They are investing time on preparing the “heroic+” by adding SoM elements to it (modifying heroic end bosses for example).
  • This content will be dead in the water and will suffer from the same issues we have today: the pool of players participating on this content will be medium at start and then very low at the end, because it is SERVER ONLY. As it happens with heroics it will happen also with the heroic+.
  • Dropping Naxx 10 gear on those also isn’t attractive to players because they’re past that content and will focus on Ulduar that will drop now higher item level.
  • It makes me wonder why are they spending time making content that will not be as used as much from players. What is the purpose of investing developer hours on those? all based on a shallow and empty “classic philosophy” that is not classic at all?
  • If that would come with cross-realm queue at least, then we could say it wouldn’t be a problem. But again, repeating the very same mistakes for what, pride? They know the 3 letter solution to this and are still trying to force their hand.

It’s for alts/mains that fell behind as a catch-up mechanic, so you aren’t treadmilling on actually dead content. It reduces the barrier for entry for people in phase 2 to get into Ulduar faster.


No one asked for it.
What people asked they are not willing to do because they are reaching high with this “no RDF” classic philosophy of theirs that is not classic at all.

So you came here just to troll and and incite instead of actually discussing the interview? Maybe you should just leave.


Same problem that’s been plaguing blizzard for years now. They waste dev time on content that literally doesn’t matter. We’ve got bugs galore that should be addressed, time spent on making ulduar the best it could be

Not wasting time making content no one asked for


They literally do things that needed to be done a year ago a year late. That is why


Your hatred brings nothing to the table. Off you go. :wave:

We’re doing Naxx 25 with brutal gear we got from leveling in battlegrounds. Basically only tanks need some gear.

Why would you do heroic+ (harder than heroic) to get ilvl 200 gear while you can do Naxx 10 to get that in the next patch + Naxx 25 and get in both of them 213 gear?


Heroic+ is hilarious. How many difficulty modes do we need for the same content? If heroics weren’t so easy in the first place, they wouldn’t need a +.


Just to clarify:

Heroic+ will drop ilvl 200 gear from Naxx 10.

Naxx 10 will drop ilvl 213 from Naxx 25.
Naxx 25 will still drop ilvl 213.

Why would you WASTE time doing a harder heroic to get subpar ilvl gear that was not even BIS from previous phase? That is a really bad catch-up mechanism.


Because nobody I know goes from fresh 80 to full naxx 25 gear in one run. The heroics dropping the gear fills those gaps in gearing. Heroics dropping naxx 10 gear will be worth it to more people than you realize it just doesn’t sound like something for you currently, which is fine based on:

not everyone is going to do that, not everyone wants to PVP for PVE gear, same as the inverse.
I also imagine that the naxx 10 gear that will be moved to heroic+ will match the item level of the gear when it dropped in naxx 10.

It keeps heroics relevant content in hopes people will run them, which makes acquiring the entry level gear for raiding easier.


If anything OP is a sweaty elitist. Casual? Where are you getting that?

Imagine how many bugs could be fixed if they stopped wasting dev time on stupid changes to a re-release of a game.

Literally all they had to do was re-release an existing game and they can’t help but mess it up.


I believe you’re missing the point.
AV weekend we all did at least 1 character 71-80 and that honor basically spent to buy brutall gear.
Character is ready for naxx 10 and naxx 25. This is NOW.

We’re talking about Ulduar patch. Naxx 10 will drop 213 ilvl.
Naxx 25 will still drop ilvl 213.

Again, why would you do a HARDER content to get ilvl 200 gear while you can actually get ilvl 213 easily?


Real sweats spread positivity because its the best tool we have for consistent mental improvement on the training spectrum. Only casuals or unskilled players grasping at straws rely on toxicity.


You were reaching, and now you’re telling your life story.


So why would someone do content that isn’t in the game phase one for progress in phase one? is that what you are asking? Seems counter to the heroic+ system as that only matters phase two forward. If you are focused on how that helps NOW, then there is no argument as there is no heroic+ currently.

The issue with this particular stance is that you’re essentially expecting a fresh 80 to be able to successfully complete a Heroic+, when they’re designed to be more difficult than our standard heroics AND relevant to higher-end raiders.

It depends on how difficult Heroic+ actually ends up being, along with how many groups will let under-geared players join them.


Sweatlords spreading positvity?

You’re funny, ill give you that.


This is what is happening on both sides of the RDF debate. So… everyone is toxic then?

Your obsession with toxicity and skill reflects the echo chamber you live in. Stay strong brother, there is still hope for your hatred.