I feel bad for the devs working on WotLK SoM

Nice strawman? Its pretty obvious you are primarly just angry about a lack of rdf and simply trying to justify that anger by attacking any feature the devs decide to work on or implement that isnt rdf.

The gear dropped is only a portion of the heroic + change and the part you seem overly dialed in on (what do you just stop playing during a phase once you acquire everything you need from it?) Many of us simply enjoy playing the game and having a more interactive/challenging hardmode added to do while knocking out a daily heroic would be great even if there was no loot changes at all.

Maybe will you read it and understand that it is bad EXACTLY for ALTS?

Good. that is your best argument to attack my person instead of actually discussing the obvious problem with Heroic+.

That just shows how incapable you are of engaging in a high level conversation.
Why do not debate the topic itself? Can only debate by attacking me?

Childish at least.

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Is a failure to read past the first sentence a skill you’ve just recently acquired or has this been a historical problem? As im pretty sure the rest of my statements deal with your argument.

But to be clear. NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS BIS GEAR REWARDS. Hell it doesnt need item rewards at all. Is that plain enough for you? Making the game more interesting/enjoyable through having an additional difficulty level to heroics so they dont fall over quite so laughably is reward in and of itself.

BIS gear drops from Ulduar.
That is outdated content, meant for catch-up.

Your failure to read and understand the purpose of the heroic+ system is only matched by your passive-aggressiveness and your inability to write a single post without being a toxic waste.

Its cute that you only seem capable of pulling out specific lines to attempt to make a point. Spare parts man…

dude my first gdkp had a 72 rsham in it and we didnt wipe on anything in all 3 raids

I want you to know that no, they didn’t want to call this a “catch-up mechanism” they literally word by word say they didn’t want to call it that because that’s not the purpose it’s fulfilling. They’re making a supplemental area to get gear. Where before you would NEVER do heroics again (because the gear was bad. That’s why they later added ToGC Heroics and ICC Heroics) you will no longer have to wait for raid lockouts every week to get any gear while still having a reason to do 10/25m Nax every week as well as giving you a reason to do Heroics.

I don’t think you understand the purpose of it, it’s not “catchup” it’s supplemental. They DONT want you to be spamming Heroic + for your gear, they still want you to have a reason to do raids but not have it being solely the only gear you can ever get. Esp since they will ALSO be increasing raid drops from both versions of Nax with 25M giving more drop numbers than before.

You’re also OVERESTIMATING how hard these Heroic + are, they’ve quiet literally balanced it around people PRENAX GEAR not anything above that. Is it harder? Yes but it’s on the level for someone that will be doing 10 man Nax today. Which is a LOT of people.

Heroic+ is harder than heroic and it will take a lot more than a reg heroic to clear due to high hp given to mobs and the pre-naxx gear will not help you clear it faster.

your argument is so fail that you forget the simple fact that currently naxx is balanced around pre-naxx and you can clear naxx easily with pre-naxx gear for BETTER GEAR than heroic+ why would do a content that takes LONGER for LESS and WORSE rewards?

So are the heroic+ dungeons going to literally drop current tier raid loot or will it be scaled up ilvls on the items they currently drop?

The health they have at heroic + is literally just a double health pool.

Atm, they die REDICULOUSLY fast. Players hitting 4-5k DPS. It was balanced around EVERYONE being b4 10m naxx level.

Your logic, Heroic+ must be too hard, just do 10 or 25man naxx. You’re either getting carried (which you can also do in Heroic+ With friend) or you’re all in naxx taking 4-5 hours a day to clear.

You saying “Your argument is so fail” doesn’t make sense because it assumes Heroic+ are some sort of UBER content when they’ve only increased health pools slightly in a time were players in current Nax gear do more than double the damage they did when they first reached to Heroics.

In fact the health and damage taken is so small in current heroics is so low, it’s been done in alts with TBC gear on. Gear from previous expansion. Are you struggling so much in Heroic some how that you believe Heroic + is some hurtle when they’re not even out yet? LOL

And again the reason you do this is NOT to replace, but because again you’re not going to fully gear in 1 raid lock out lol it’s assumed you’re going to get like 2x 3x pc 4x tops. Then you’re waiting for next week. This removes the waiting for several weeks to gear out completely is that really difficult to grasp or are you genuinely concerned that Heroic+ will be so difficult no one will do them because that’s a really laughable statement.

They’re going to drop Nax 10 equal gear.

Nax 10 man will drop Nax 25 Man gear (Meaning you still have to raid 25 man)

25 Man will drop MORE loot than 10 man will (Additional Loot Drops) to prevent people from saying “WELL WHY DONT I JUST ONLY FARM 10 MANS SUPER EASY”

Heroics (Which are literally death as soon as Ulduar comes out) become longer lived content as opposed to in Original Wrath where they literally died out until badge gear became so good and there were rewards given so often player did the (RANDOM DUNGEON FINDER REWARD) bonuses with the badge bonuses and your daily badge was tied to the Random Dungeon Finder instead of a quest giver.

People’s arguements for being against this have been so laughable at best because they said “They don’t want to feel like they have to do it” when they don’t, skip it and do raids then, and “It’s going to be too hard no one will do it” when the answers is yeah don’t do it then if you’re stuggling on a Heroic that just has double health. They’re laughable now they’ll be laughable with extra health. It’s supplemental, not to replace anything.

That or people want Heroic Gear to drop gear better than the other raids when Blizzard will not invalidate a whole raid tier right as the next tier comes out. maybe when ToGC comes out they can invalidate Nax but they will still want players to do Ulduar then.

Sounds good to me, heroic dungeons are more fun than raids. Currently raids are a joke

Why would you do Heroic+ when Heroics already give ilvl 200 gear ?

This does seem to be doa for people who do not enjoy 5 mans and run them for fun.

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Could have spent 10 minutes creating a P1 213- 226 iLvl Raid Vendor outside of Ulduar and had the same outcome with less wasted time.

Seems like they’ve forgotten to add RDF again.


And yet you are the first one to trash on retail and tell people to go there if they dont share the same opinion of wotlk as you

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I play retail and classic. I do not trash on either version. One version has solutions better suited for group X, and the other version has solutions better suited for group Y. Try to be more positive, your hatred is not healthy im afraid. Lets bring good vibes to everyone.

I just look forward to spamming in tradechat:
WTS x5 Heroic+ for GOLD ONLY all loot is yours. Team is ready! /w for info!

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