I don't think I understand the point of timerunning?

As far as I can tell, you just level a character in MOP and then transfer it to retail?

How is it different from just leveling a character normally?

Is there a point to doing it if you don’t want to level an alt?

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Cosmetics and replaying one of the best expansions.
Wish they’d just put some more stuff in actual retail rather than leveling garbage.


it’s for funsies and cosmetics. if it doesn’t appeal, you can play s4 or take a break :slight_smile:


It’s going to be fast, I expect leveling will be like 2-3x as fast as on retail

Leveling up a bunch of alts. Since that’s the thing people like to do at the end of expansions, so here’s an event to rip through a bunch and get some side rewards too.

Still waiting on some clarification though, want to know if the rollover can be individual chars to any server or if they all have to get dumped in the same one. Or worse, if the Remix server will simply be converted to live and everything remains over there.


Cosmetics like other people has said…

Plus they are adding a whole new gem and gearing system that looks like it’ll be a lot of fun…so it’ll be whole new gameplay experience in a popular x-pack

According to a recent blue post, you’ll make your timerunning characters on the retail server of your choosing and it’ll transfer there after the event ends

Continuing the discussion from Pandamonium clarification:


Wow blizz is actually allowing them to come over without transfers?!
I may die of shock!!


It’s faster and with special powers.

But the primary reason is this new thing called “fun”


It’s just a side activity to kill time until prepatch. Nothing more, nothing less. I honestly think people forget there’s a new expansion coming very soon.


There are going to be loads of new cosmetics that only a Timerunning character can obtain. The leveling is also going to be accelerate to be way faster.

If you’re not into collecting transmog, pets, and mounts or leveling alts… then I guess you could just ignore the event entirely.

Since they said Allied Races can participate in the Timerunning, I’m curious to know if they’ll be able to earn their Heritage Sets while Timerunning.

They do and this “more excited for timerunning than TWW” is just recency bias taking over for them. It was just announced and is on the immediate horizon but I guarantee after we have it they will be back to looking forward to the upcoming expansion.

Once beta starts for TWW and Wowhead gets their hands on it the datamining frenzy will pique interest again.

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Which is already stupid fast…

So you can only transfer these alts to normal retail activities after the event ends? That’s the biggest issue I have with this. Like when I hit 70 I would want to jump into normal season 4 stuff.

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If you’re only using Timerunning to level alts, then yeah that’s an issue. But there’s going to be all new achievements with cosmetic rewards that can only be done as a Timerunning character. Things like - “Get exalted with the Golden Lotus as a Timerunning character”.

wowhead has already started their datamining - https://www.wowhead.com/news/timerunning-meta-achievements-earn-cosmetic-rewards-by-completing-pandaria-338658


those shado-pan and kor’kron dark shaman sets are :fire: :fire: :fire:

so how does the xfr to retail work… at the end of the event if you did not buy df or bfa or shadowlands. where do xfr to ???

**are you giving the other xpacs away for free now ***

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I wonder if the “double rep gains” item you can use on retail will affect the Timerunning characters :thinking:

The “point” is to have fun. It’s a game, ffs.


Since the event is - “Level from 10 to 70” - and Lv. 70 is locked behind the DF paywall… I suspect that people who don’t own DF can’t participate in the event or can’t complete the event in its entirety.

Oooh, that’s a good point. I would imagine they would disable that effect for Timerunning characters.

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