I don't think I understand the point of timerunning?

I’m curious about specifics for this ‘accelerated leveling’. Perhaps it’s limited to the cloak? That’s the only thing that’s been shown to provide an experience bonus. Maybe they take it a bit further than that, but I can’t imagine them tweaking it by too much otherwise there’d be little point to having us level up at all. :sweat_smile:

WoW is going to a sandbox model, if you don’t want to do something, don’t do it…

it’s a buffet, not a speed eating contest…

sucks if you’re OCD.

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*worst expansions


Normally I have the minority opinion. Seems I’ve been overtaken.

Gems and stats that go through the roof like Torghast powers on steroids for fun owning things in the face.


that is a very good question, hopefully blizzard will answer it for us soon.

hope you are having a wonderful day :slight_smile:

Is the bronze transferable between toons (if you create a second one) like gold?

Nope, you’re second would earn its own bronze, to buy the things your first can’t buy.

If you want to get a number of transmogs, toys, or mounts, you can do that. I have two characters that I’ll probably carry over to retail once this thing is done. The others are there to soak up bronze and pick up any mount, pet, or transmog that I find appealing.

I used it to level up 5 alts so far, so I now have a level 70 of everything. I collected all of the mounts, and a handful of the transmog I care about. I don’t really have anything left to do in Dragonflight until the pre-patch so I’m now using my extra bronze to upgrade my gear so I can just faceroll dungeons and raids for funsies.

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it’s filler stuff…re-wrapping old content
and presenting it like something new.

People are doing it for different reasons but my understanding was it was an opportunity to experience a whole expansion in a matter of a couple of months (rather than over a year and a half to two years), including leveling and getting a whole bunch of mogs and achievements it would take a lot longer to get (including some new ones).

And you can use all that as you will. Many are chain-leveling alts. I’m doing achieve and mogs and mounts and running my usual spec as a super explody-via-gems and speedy gnome rogue.

Thank you…