I do not understand the outrage

A part of me wants to hope no one is truly that stupid. I’m thinking they knew, took the risk, lost the risk, and now they are crying.

But who knows either way it makes them pretty dumb. The only excuse is if you are fairly new to wow and haven’t been through this yet

If there is a problem, yes. Act like an adult.

I guess I am lucky but I have had one problem with launches and that was a DC in SL that kepy me offline for a while. Other then that I avoided the WoD garrison stuff and had no problems in BfA or Legion.

I love how mad people are getting like this is anything but to be expected with an update of this proportion haha.

Being upset and voicing your frustrations isn’t “not acting like an adult.”


Aaargh!! I’m so mad at these donuts!!

well said well said

“No one on the WoW team that I’ve talked to this afternoon can remember a maintenance that took this long.”

Maybe it’s because they fired everyone that did remember?


lol if it’s set for March 19th you gonna be waiting another year yet, so strap in. The rest of us are in May of 2021. Hello from the future!

You joke but have you every worked at a donut/coffee shop?

I’ve worked at Dunkin Donuts and have had customers turn physical because of how angry they are about their donuts.

The boosts are for whales and botters. A casual would just play the game how its intended to be played.

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Extremely rookie.

“A few” reasons.
TL;DR: People are unhappy with Blizzard, and this is just another problem.

Extended cut:

  • This is the second time this content has released, and broken
  • They extended the downtime from 4 hours, to 7 hours, now 11
  • They’re only “pretty sure” it’ll be done within 11 hours
  • There’s been no mention of credit for downtime

Add those to existing issues:

  • Blizz still can’t get a handle on the bot situation
  • They attempted to gouge people on the copy service
  • They charge Retail prices for 14-year-old content, which there is less of
  • Player population dwindles while revenue climbs (micro transactions)
  • Talent keeps abandoning ship
  • Positions keep getting cut
  • CEO is overcompensated (to the point where a 50% pay reduction was acceptable)

And that’s not even counting the retail-specific problems.


I understand outrage… its like this, a person goes Aargh I am so outraged! Its just like that.

You have low expectations. Enjoy your soggy sandwich

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  • BlizzCon: “Well we feel it was a bad thing that originally you couldn’t level the new races in the prepatch so this time around we’ll make sure you have plenty of time to reach 60 before TBC opens so you can be progressing with your friends and guilds”
  • 2 weeks ago: “Lol by “plenty” of time we meant 14 days”
  • Today: Make that that 13

I can see why some are mad

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I’m eating a soup sammich. tyvm

that’s your mistake for not understanding how programing, networking, and computers work. At the end of the day YOU are the moron.

never take a day off on the launch of a server migration MMO. That’s like expecting the weather to be clear and sunny 2 weeks in advance just to learn that on “your day” it’s raining… and you blame everyone else but yourself. kek

It’s how they get you to pay for the boost to 58! :wink:

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Why is everyone whining? Take this opportunity to go play with your neglected kids and wife. FFS. It’s a few hours.

‘Muh Gawd, I neEd tWo WeEks 2 lvl PaLlY. ThIs noT faIr. MuH MoniEs!!!’

Relax. If you raise your blood pressure too much, you’ll probably die and then you can’t play at all, you sweaty mofos.