I do not understand the outrage

It is being delayed a few hours. It’s really not a big deal. Casuals can still buy a boost to 58. You will still be able to level jewelcrafting and level blood elfs/draenei. Are people upset because they are missing a few hours of leveling? A few hours is not the end of the world. Anyone who has a bunch of time off to play will be able to hit 60 before the release date.


TIL a few = at least seven. Thanks op!


So you’d be ok with having something to do at a scheduled time being delayed by 7+ hours?


They are children. Some of them faked sick to miss school to play this because after all these years we stilll haven’t learned that you don’t assume they will be up on tuesdays.

ESPECIALLY with a big change like this.


I took today off. I could’ve not taken today off. That’s why I’m mad. I cancelled all my plans for today. Just for these morons to mess up a simple server migration.


Still not the end of the world. Even if they released it at the expected time people would still be waiting hours to get in because of que times. I couldn’t play Classic at launch until 3-4 hours after it launched because of que times.

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Because people expect a quality point from the seller.

Time is money friend.

I mean obvious, is obvious


It must be delayed for a logical reason. I doubt blizzard thought “hey lets delay this even further just to make people mad.”

How has Blizzard had way smoother launches for new expansions than they are with a pre-patch?

Also if this is how pre-patch goes, what is June 1st gonna look like?

So, a 3-4 hour queue at 3pm (planned launch time), is somehow not better than a 3-4 hour queue at 10pm?

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Lol yeah IDK what people expected. The amount of engineering they probably are having to do on the back end right now is ridiculous. I’m all for calling Blizzard out for their dumb garbage that they do sometimes but like damn go play Valheim or something instead of talking about how you are canceling your sub when you aren’t.

I am a productive member of society. I work 30/hours a week. I’m not mad. Maybe because I have patience and don’t throw child tantrums because it is delayed 7 hours.


My friend. I am just as eager to jump into prepatch, but taking time off for any blizzard launch day is a rookie mistake.


This. When TBC launches it will most likely be worse. That will be lovely to see. All the children complaining because things are not perfect

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It doesn’t matter if it’s logical. The problem is how bad this is.

Do you not understand what is going on right now? They are actually splitting the game in two and making sure everyone’s clones get snapshotted and they have to make sure this is flawlessly working.

This isn’t just a prepatch


Uh, a lot of people work 40 hours. I often work more than that. I have Tues/Wed off normally, so I was looking forward to a weekend where I could relax and enjoy leveling.

The more they delay, the more stress there is to hit 60 ASAP - and farm gear.

Maybe telling people who work over 33% more than you do (in hours alone, ignoring effort) that it doesn’t matter is kinda dumb.


Expecting quality from Blizzard is a hilarious expectation. It has not been quality since Wrath.


Right but with over 15+ years of experience you’d think they could manage to get the re-release of a pre patch of a 14+ year old game right with out having to double their expected downtime.


Ahhh classic forums. Never change your idiotic thoughts lol


I was in the military, had this happen multiple times especially getting ready for deployments. So nothing new here.

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