I do not understand the outrage

If cloning is the reason that’s even worse. At be honest and tell us it will be the next day, don’t do a 3 hour tease. It easy not to complain when somebody else is paying for your game time. I don’t condone being a Karen but if money is changing hands you better get what’s promised.

I waited multiple hours just to log into WoW Classic because of server issues. Same with Shadowlands launch day. I am used to it.

You have test servers for a reason, a company as large as blizz/activision should be able to plan for the worst. This happens with nearly every expansion and they aint learned crap from it. Its really sad that they cant get anything right.

blizzard needs to upgrade to ssd kekw

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I got a message in my mail yesterday… Buy WoW Glod. Is this legit?

But should that be an acceptable outcome? I think it’s important to hold people accountable for the promises they make. I’m assuming that you wouldn’t accept someone showing up hours late for a date that you had set with them, so why accept it from multi-billion dollar companies you are in a contract with?

If my friend told me they’d be at my house at 2 and then called at 1 and told me “Hey, my engine just blew up. I have to take care of this first.” I’d be disappointed, but I’d also understand. Sometimes things just happen that require changing plans on the fly.

We don’t know what’s going on, all we can do is take a deep breath and not stress about things that are out of our control.

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No one on the WoW team that I’ve talked to this afternoon can remember a maintenance that took this long. It looks like that’s because we’ve never done anything like this in World of Warcraft, where we’re basically turning one game into two games and we need every player-character in both games to be perfectly playable as they all were just before maintenance started.

Please know this: there’s a good reason for how long it’s taking, and our live operations team are making solid progress toward a resolution.

There are jobs that copy data and jobs that check the integrity of data and there’s an immense amount of data to process before we even begin the steps that we take to check everything manually. It’s not possible for us to lose anything, but it is possible for us to have an issue that requires a step to be repeated. In today’s case, the step we had to start over was a big one. While performing data integrity checks on the Burning Crusade Classic and Classic Era realms, we discovered an unfortunate issue with all player mail. The nature of the issue necessitated that we restore the portion of the database that contains that information in order to ensure nothing is lost. We’ve been in progress on this restoration for quite some time, but as you can imagine, it’s a huge amount of information.

We apologize for the delay in getting you back into Azeroth. We’re pretty sure we’ll be done in a few hours. It’s impossible to know with certainty, but our understanding of how long it’s going to take is coming into focus.

You should never, ever take launch day off for ANY game.

I know of very few big games that have had zero or minor issues on launch day. Always take the day afterwards.

You’ll save yourself a lot of grief in the end.


Quite true. Expect the worst, you won’t ever be let down.

Yes it has always been like this. Nothing new.

Sadly, not everyone has played this particular game, for the entire duration since its initial vanilla launch. I know I haven’t. I quit the day before cata was released. Because it was actually a cataclysm event for blizzard. All the problems, from rushing a release into early december could have been avoided if they had bothered to do any polishing of it, and release it in early spring… or early summer.

But instead, it took them months to fix everything wrong with it. They even knew, in the beta, what the problems actually were. They just never bothered fixing them until after the fact of its launch.

And when tbc actually launchs, we’re probably going to have to deal with bugs and issues and crashs, for awhile.

I’d rather be angry, than bored though.


if you are confused by what i said earlier , you are beyond help

Not huge, but prepatch just got nerfed by 7%.

I think you’re the one not comprehending what he is saying.

Blizzard isn’t your friend. They are a company. Things happen that require delays all the time. Your Amazon packages get delayed, movies get delayed, everything gets delayed sometimes it just happens.

Blizzard is not your friend. Even if they were and you told them you were going to show up at 3 and you told them “hey man I can’t make it till 10 actually”, yeah I would be an adult and understand that stuff happens. Maybe you don’t, but maybe some day you will when you grow up :slight_smile:


found your mistake


If you don’t get it, you never will. Just go on about your day.

Actually, most are adults. If you think adults don’t act like fools, you haven’t been on the internet for many, many years. That being said, to miss the mark by double the anticipated time spells nothing but: incompetence.

Just because someone is above 18 doesn’t make them an adult. I see a ton of children in here


People will always outrage when things aren’t their way… some never grow out of the tantrum phase.


I never take time off the day of a release. How have these people not learned this by now lol!