I do not understand the outrage

We’re just getting the Burning Crusade experience. There was a week in TBC where the game was near un-playable.

imagine getting a pizza
and be told by the pizza place it will be 30 mins
12 hours later there is stil no pizza…
i waant my damn pizza Blizzard!

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It’s been like this for a very long time. I’d assume people would stop wasting there time & emotions on such a game long ago. But I guess not.

Thankfully, my weekend falls on Tues/Wed, so I didn’t have to book time off. I did book two weeks starting the 31st, but that’s also for real-life reasons and because I just need a vacation. I won’t be playing TBC hardcore the whole time, but I do plan to at least for 3-4 days if I can help it - assuming this doesn’t happen again.

Many people scheduled around this, even if they didn’t take time off, and this is just… not great.

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Point is, they’ve had what… 14-17 yrs to get a patch / content release out on time, without problems. They’ve never succeeded. This is blizzard. They don’t seem to do any preparations towards much of anything. This is exactly why people are frustrated.

As for myself. I knew there would be a delay after the 8 hour downtime. That turned into a 11 hour down time,. then turned into a 15 hour downtime. Didn’t expect it to be so long of a downtime. Given the amount of money, classic has been bringing into their company.

They should have at least hired more competent people to manage these installations, regardless of how much… or how big… they’ve had 4 months to prepare for it.

We’re seeing their “preparations” right now. Delay after delay.

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Okay dood … lol

We expected a multimillion dollar company who have been in the biz of MMO’s for 15+ years to have it down “pat” by now. But NoooOOOoooo…

make plans with your friends at 3pm, dont show up til 10 pm , and see if anyone has anything to say

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I think, at least for me, it’s the idea that they controlled every aspect of this process, and they still messed it up.

Blizzard, not the community, decided on the timeline. The community did say “we want this as soon as possible”, but it was then on Blizzard to facilitate that request. If they weren’t prepared for the Pre-Patch, it should have been communicated days ago and a new timeline should have been set.

Blizzard controlled the process as well. By requiring people to make the decision between classic and tbc at the same time they were doing the migration (instead of, say, the months of time between the announcement and yesterday), Blizzard opted to have a compounded issue.

Finally, (and this is the biggest one for me): Communication. Instead of a twitter post like 15 minutes before launch time, a call should have been made at (say) 1 pm to say “let’s update the launcher and our website to let people know about the delay”. Further, instead of making a new notification, they modified existing ones, making it super easy to miss the change.

Before anyone says “you’re not a developer, you don’t know what you’re talking about!”, I would say that is true, but I have done software rollouts for every patch and version that Windows has put out since Windows XP, including managing the user conversion and managing user expectations. I may not write code, but I have been involved in implementing it.

While I am fully aware that “day of” implementation issues arise, some of these factors could have been accounted for (for instance, they could have allowed players to identify which characters were going to the classic server a month ago, and then migrated the data for those characters instead of having to migrate data on top of implementing a new software version; also, the process could have been handled in waves, either by server or by a certain population on each server getting migrated first).

As Blizzard controlled every aspect of this process themselves, they are ultimately responsible for the results of the process. If players should be held accountable for their conduct playing the game, developers and publishers should be held accountable for their conduct creating the game.


Servers weren’t even supposed to come up until 3pm so best case scenario you wasted over half your day off.

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Are you saying that Blizzard is your “friend”? I am confused by what you are saying.

WHERE IS MY GAME, HELP. I was told a few hours, this is a whole day.

“I’d assume people would stop wasting there time & emotions on such a game long ago.” If that is the case then Classic wow would have never been released. It was only players’ demands led to Blizzard releasing Classic wow


No, no it isn’t great. Blizzard should be running into far fewer issues relaunching an expac that launched 14 years ago. They should also give the paying customers something byway of apology. I am not saying they will, but other game companies do.


this is why i dont get why people are frustrated
it has ALWAYS been like this there is nothing new
after 16 years you wouldve though they got used to it

I’ve played WoW way too long since BC and never seen this long of a maintenance ext.

You have a point, but those emotions were not towards delays and launch day. It was towards the state of the game and how terrible they have made it, & wanting a earlier version that was not terrible. That makes more sense to me then complaining about launch days from a company that has been doing this for a very long time.

there were a few up to 2 days extended maintenance that i remember since tbc
idk wym

People not wasting their time and emotions on games is how those games die.

Well, I got groceries, cleaned, did laundry, and other chores so I didn’t have to do them tonight and tomorrow…