I didn't get a vault reward

I completed 8 heroic dungeons before reset. Logged in and checked the vault and there’s no reward at all. It’s all just blank.

Make sure you completed the right heroic dungeons, Not all of them count for vault rewards

Before reset I checked the vault preview in the UI and saw the glowy white orb in all three boxes in the dungeon category. Which dungeons don’t count? Do they have to be in the M+ pool to be eligible?

The patch notes for the 10.2 patch do not seem to specify that it is only particular dungeons. It even includes Timewalking dungeons now (which count as Heroics).

  • Heroic, Mythic 0, and Timewalking dungeon runs now unlock rewards in the Dungeons row. These draw from the same rewards pool as Mythic+, with lower item levels. Timewalking dungeon runs count as Heroic.

Maybe try a full UI reset to make sure something just didn’t bug out and it’s a visual error. Easily reversible if it doesn’t fix the problem.


It looks like there was an issue that was hotfixed, but we’re still seeing a few reports from folks who did not receive a reward for some content.

It’s being looked into, but I don’t have any other information at this time.


I put in a ticket and got the most canned response ever.

Specialist Game Master XXXXXX here, hope the day’s treating you well so far. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us about your recent experience. We appreciate your patience with us as we are experiencing a much higher volume of contact than normal. We are working as quickly as we can to respond to everyone contacting us at this time.

I see here that you were running into some trouble with the great vault not having any rewards. I’m sorry to hear that you were running into this issue. As a fellow player, I understand that when you log into game, you would rather spend your time playing the game rather than report issues such as this.

The Great Vault may not immediately update as content is completed. Our developers are working to make these updates happen faster.

In the meantime, if your Great Vault does not update, you can try relogging to see if that refreshes your Great Vault. If that doesn’t work, you’ll simply need to wait until the update occurs naturally.

Keep in mind that the Great Vault may display seemingly outdated options that do not correspond with your actions last week - this occurs when you don’t open the Great Vault during a full week. The options will remain the same until you choose a reward, at which point re-opening will offer you the next set of options for the week after.

Thanks for reaching out today XXXXXX. Despite the situation at hand, please do not hesitate to reach out to us down the road should any other problems crop up and we will do our best to get you sorted.

Take care and have a great day.

So high volume of tickets means ignoring the reason I put in a ticket? I know what a great vault is and I also know how to read. I had top 2 sections lit because I killed 4 lfr bosses, and middle 3 sections lit for doing countless heroic dungeons

It sounds like they misunderstood the situation, that can happen on issues that are just emerging or impacting a limited amount of people.

As I mentioned, this is being looked into which usually means that we do not have a course of action yet. It may be something that a Game Master needs to assist with but odds are that the Developers will implement a hotfix that will address it. In either case, I don’t believe they’ll be able to do anything right now.


Thank you for your response, its appreciated

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A GM responded to my ticket:

Hey Floozie,

I’m Specialist Game Master Latcrick, and I’ll be handling your help request today with the utmost of care, and I appreciate your patience and understanding so far. I wasn’t able to talk to you online today, however hopefully this response will be good enough in my absence! :slight_smile:

I went and checked over our logs for the week of 11/21-11/28, and I could not verify that any dungeons were completed that would have counted toward the Great Vault for that week on the character Floozie. If you did these dungeons on a different character, please let us know, but otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to assist you here as there’s no evidence of these dungeons being completed.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to contact us today here at Blizzard Entertainment, and I wish you all the best in your adventures, be it Azeroth, Sanctuary, the Nexus or beyond!

So no evidence that I completed any dungeons last week. The UI could track it but a GM can’t see any of the progress at all.

I know for sure that at least one piece of loot dropped for me in those 8 dungeons and I vendored it. Maybe the item-restore feature can show that I received heroic dungeon loot last week which would prove that I was in a heroic dungeon.

Sadly, there’s a history that fix actions don’t include any sort of “compensation” for opportunities lost to a bug, so I doubt any GM would be empowered to accept your presented evidence and magically fix this. In general, if it’s not in the logs, ir didn’t happen (from a GM perspective).

If the developers wanted GMs to be able to reward lost loot opportunities retroactively, the GMs would already know it.

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Which dungeons did you complete, and on what date?

This exact same thing happened to me last week, I didn’t receive the loot in the Vault last week, and this week I received two loot, I hope that next Tuesday you will also receive two.

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