I defeated the mage tower tonight. My thoughts

Players in-game want a challenge, most of the players on the forum don’t want a challenge.


pls nerf bear or ill cry


Right after I finish my bear they announce this.


I think it could be tuned more around being “Last boss Heroic difficult” instead of “Mythic Kil’jaeden”.


But hey, you did it! :heart:

Removal of the time restriction isnt a catch all.

Thats not whats wrong with the resto shaman challenge

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Cool story.

That you completely made up.


Then do both. Tweek/tune it accordingly and remove the time restriction :woman_shrugging:

Blizzards obsession with fomo tactics is bad.


This is the first time I have teared up because I saw a blue post anywhere besides on a pinned thread. Maybe its a sign of things to come!


I mean, it makes sense.

The werebear skin was “the main attraction” of this event, by a pretty large margin. The sheer amount of Druids I see parked outside the NPC/entrance area is pretty telling :laughing:

Most of the 9.1.5 MT scenarios are a little overtuned, it was only a matter of time until blues/devs took notice of the front page of this board (flooded with MT complain threads).

I’m a warrior and I agree that some of the challenges do need to be fixed to be a reasonably hard challenge. So please don’t dump me, as a warrior, into your rant post.

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Grats on that, currently I started to ‘main’ bear tank when it was anounced, spent like 2mo leveling and gearing to ilvl 200+ by doing mostly solo content, even lfr tanked Denath at ilvl 175 (minimum for lfr for CN) with the other tank being a ret pally that switched over and healers that basically ignored me to pocket the paladin lol

With MT as it is, I get very very bad hand shakes, makes it hard to click abilities in some slots on my action bars (like 7 onwards or the ones that don’t get keybinds) and it’s legit 100% not fun for me

Comparing the difficulty of endgame Raid Content to a single player challenge is meaningless. The difficulty comes from totally different aspects.

Yeah I guess, I was planning on farming an ilvl 50 runeblade for dk/war but I guess i’ll wait and see what happens instead.


The only warrior challenge that is a joke is fury. Arms is bugged to hell and Prot is a pain if you are not running a proper timewalking set.

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When will we have more info? Will the Mage Tower be extended another week?

It’s been two days and over 300+ pulls and I’m still struggling to get to phase 2 on the Guardian Kruul challenge. It would be nice to get the Felbear this go around, instead of waiting months again.


Nerf it until it has a Warfront level of success rate

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Try not to overdo it, It shouldn’t be a total pushover, but it should be tuned with respect to how it worked in Legion. With the intended gear (Heroic tomb) it should be challenging but by no means the most brutal thing in the game if you do the mechanics reasonably well and can meet dps checks.

A lot of the issues are faults in the level scaling, as well.


Yep. Since they said there would be changes to certain specs / classes. I would imagine both are

What worries me a little is that they’re going to use success rate data. This is meaningless on its own because it doesnt consider people who just gave up after a few tries.

They also need to consider the decline in attempts per class over time and look at why certain classes and specs just quit.

But they wont.


Bottom line is it’s not good design to make content so difficult that like 99% of the playerbase can’t complete it.

Especially with the “limited time” aspect of the event/only available for 2 weeks, it makes sense for Mage Tower to be something able to be completed by a reasonably geared casual player… it shouldn’t ONLY be possible for top 1%ers or niche players that happened to have a full TW Legion “twink” set.