I defeated the mage tower tonight. My thoughts

After some 100+ pulls, finally defeated the mage tower. I can tell you this 100% that the tower is wayyyyyy harder this time around. I’m not exactly sure if this is intentional or what but you all are totally correct. It’s brutal. You can’t make any mistakes or you wipe.

If you sneeze, you wipe. If you burp, you wipe. It’s just brutal. Should blizzard nerf the tower, i’m kind of torn about that cause I like knowing the fact that i beat the tower in it’s current state. But I can tell you this, a casual player will never get the mogs from this place. it’s just too hard.


It’s almost like they were tuned around legiondairies/artifacts and they were dumb dumbs for not including them now that they’re easy to get :open_mouth:


Congrats. I do not have the energy in me to do this but I want that bear form.


Everyone doesn’t deserve everything that others have. A good challenge is a good thing for the game. If players want to beat it they can, they need to learn to deal with mechanics and overcome obstacles.


The feral one is litteraly impossible I think, tried it and the adds coupled with so little energy is so difficult. It’s like they balanced it with legion stuff in mind


Also, one thing I noticed is that the scaling once you’re in the tower is wonky. I’ll give you an example, I went in there with slandands wpn and was only doing about 600+ dps. Get this. I equiped a heirloom wpn and was hovering between 900-1000 dps. what is up with that?? Why is a heirloom wpn doing more than my mythic+ wpn??


Me getting one shot for one slip of the keys or the positioning of the random mob summon or not getting one interrupt off once is not


Nice job.

Btw… your keybind setup would give me a coniption fit. I’m left handed when it comes to the mouse.

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They wanted to subvert expectations.



You’re the second person to tell me my keybinds are well awful lol. What exactly about them is bad? idc tbh im just curious.

Congrats man!

Good job!


Well, honestly, I use a razer naga so mine are more along the lines of main rotation and interrupts 1-12. Defensives, pots, once in a fight things are shift 1-12. I haven’t had to expand past that to control 1-12 … yet.

To be honest? I just looked at your bars and was like… “Why are this guy’s keybinds all over the place on his bars? I mean, it’s cool if you want to use a mechanical keyboard over a 12 button mouse, but … 1-10? closer to function keys?”

How you guys get your avatars to change so quick? Changed my mog last night and even with relogging, changing char, etc it won’t change.

ah i see. yah I have tried using an MMO mouse before and I just couldnt do it. i basically use a logitech G305 with two mouse buttons on the side. And a logitech keyboard. that’s my “gaming” setup lol


Hey! Whatever works for you! If it gets you through the Mage Tower? :+1:

Two possibilities:

Either the mage tower is hard now.
Or the players are weaker now.

Maybe both.


OR They are not prepared!! eh eh?? cause it’s legion timewalking no? k im out


For WoW ? Really not the case. This game is so dumbed down it barely hold a candle to old Atari games.

The problem with WoW “difficulty” is that its players are the kind of people that in being told to get “to the other room”, and seeing there is a window, but not doors, they try to go through the wall, and say its difficulty is the solidness of the wall.

If you just get the pattern and keep doing what is the mechanic, it is actually easy.

But no one seem to see that, even when presented with a video of someone doing exactly that.

Here’s the dilemma blizzard is facing. A large majority of players are saying mage tower is way too hard. The other half are saying nah this place is tuned correctly players just need to “get good”. So who’s right and who’s wrong? Does blizzard even have the tools to know if this is correct???

That is the problem with people. “Right and wrong, according to whom ?”.

People think there must be a “right and wrong” and the problem is seeking who to decide.

There is no right and wrong, and people should decide that for themselves.

If there are people who likes it the way it is, people who want it changed, the ones who like it as it is have precedence, unless they themselves agree that “although they like it how it is, they would not mind changing”.

Change is a problem in itself. And honestly, many people who are arguing it is too hard will say it is too hard even if it is not. It is already not that hard.