[H][Zul'jin - US] <Amused> is recruiting for Shadowlands Heroic raids and M+. Mon/Thurs 8-11pm EST

Amused is looking for a few more to fill out our roster for Heroic raiding, pushing Mythic + dungeons, and Torghast. Our guild has a significant amount of experience with raiding(mythic & heroic) and M+ key pushing. For Shadowlands we plan to raid Heroic casually to enjoy the game without the stress of min/max for mythic raids. The guild has been raiding together for over 5 years and we are always looking to make new friends!

Raid nights: Mondays & Thursdays 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST (5:00pm - 8:00pm PST)

Contact Romza-Zul’jin or Pewpeweyes-Zul’jin for questions in game or in our discord channel. discord.gg/VBftN64aUr

Rules for raiding:

  1. Required add-ons/programs/equipment to raid with Amused:
    -Deadly Boss Mods
  2. Talking during boss pulls will be limited to the Raid Leaders, Officers, and those identified to handle specific encounter mechanics.
  3. Call-outs during raids are highly discouraged. If you see people making constant mistakes whisper a Raid Lead or Officer. Let them handle the problems.
  4. Constant mechanic failure or poor performance may result in you being benched for an encounter. Do not take this personal. Returning to the raid will be at the discretion of the Raid Lead and Officers.
  5. We are moving away from “Alt” characters. A character’s gear score will determine if they are eligible for a raid invite.