Hysteria [5/9M] , 2days6hr, LFM for CE Raiding!


About us!

Hysteria is a long-standing guild from Thrall [H] that has existed on the server for close to 6 years raiding periodically during expansions.

Our guild core consists of a mixture of raiders that have experienced top 200-10 progression, to raiders who are just starting their push for CE. We are looking for players who are good at what they do. We have a competitive skill-base of players, however, we leave the toxicity and other non-sense typically found in mythic guilds, at the door. We have a chilled out raid environment but still have high expectations of our raiders as everyone here has raided at the top end at some point. We will not babysit raiders. If you join, we expect you to perform without being watched all the time.

:wheelchair: Previous Noteable Progression :wheelchair:

Battle for Azeroth

Battle of Dazar: 9/9H, 5/9M

Antorus: 6/11M as a One day 3 hr raid team before stopping raids for a few months prior to bfa - We would have been among the top 1 day guilds when we stopped.

:calendar:Raid Schedule :calendar:

Tuesday: 8PM - 11PM [EST]
Thursday: 8PM - 11PM [EST]

Raids always end promptly at 11pm unless we are mid pull. We will not extend and if, for some reason, we did, there is no pressure on raiders to stay. Once 11pm hits, raid is over.

:spiral_notepad: Recruitment Needs :spiral_notepad:

Tanks : Potentially interested in hearing from tanks of the classes below due to our current tank looking to swap roles!

  • Any class excluding DK with a preference on prot pally or monk


  • Druid (HIGH)


  • Priest (HIGH)
  • Warlock (MED)
  • Mage (MED)
  • Shaman (ELE, LOW)
  • Hunter (MED)
  • DK (HIGH)
  • DH (MED)

We are always searching for competent raiders regardless of classes. Please contact us if you believe yourself to be a great player.

What We Expect of Raiders

  • Dont have an ego and leave the elitism at the door, no one here cares to hear about it
  • Show up on time
  • Know the fights ahead of time or at least have read a summary of some sort
  • Be willing to improve and work hard to play your best
  • Be willing to accept criticism / advice (this goes for EVERYONE, officers and RL’ers included)
  • Be apart of the guild - We aren’t interested in players that log on only for raids. Some of the best times we’ve had as a guild were random saturday nights talking in discord. We want players that are here to stay.

What We Offer Raiders

  • We work hard to provide a competent and enjoyable raid environment
  • We help each-other improve where we can
  • No drama and no favoritism (everyone is equal here and no officers/friends/leaders are immune to anything)
  • We will sit raiders that under-perform to ensure progress and will make sure all raiders understand that
  • We cover repairs, flasks, and food for raiders
  • We do our best to make sure all our players feel included and valued in the group. We don’t stick to cliques or any of that nonsense. You come here and you are part of the team.

:fireworks: Contact us!:fireworks:

If you are interested please fill out the following application (it takes only a few minutes and allows us to quickly see who we are dealing with before hand)


If you have any questions you can also add us (though we prefer you only add if absolutely necessary)

Protek#11993 (GM)

[H] Hunter/WW/Rogue LF Mythic BoD
402 Protection Warrior LF Guild
Top 100 U.S. Player Returning/LF raid group
385 Fury Warrior [with 377 Frost DK alt] LF progression guild heading into BoD
2/8M 376 H Pally LF Raid Guild
Tank/DPS and Holy Pally LF new home/raid team
Hello. 414 Lock (All 3 specs)
383 Resto Sham LF raid team
380 Death Knight LFG [H] US-Thrall
Experienced Holy Paladin LF Tues,Thurs night CE raiding guild
386 mw monk 380 resto druid LF raid spot and solid Myth+ team
Mage and R/B Druid
CE 407 Fury Warrior LF CE 2 day guilds

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380 H pally LF new raid team

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