Hyjal realm merging into Proudmoore?

  1. Why? Isn’t Proudmoore a high pop realm?
  2. Proudmoore has a pretty specific community. Does this make Hyjal an LGBT realm by association?

I’m not outraged or even against it necessarily, I’m just wondering why a high pop realm was chosen for a merge. It’s atypical. Is it to add more Horde to Proudmoore?



this seems like an odd grouping, proudmoore is high pop


I want Velen to be merged with Proudmoore.

(Angry girl throwing a ravioli on the ground gif)


Wth Proudmoore almost always says High or Full


Friend… we both know that classification is a lie.


Proudmoore has almost no Horde. I was considering transferring there and then decided not to because I would miss mythic raiding too much, and there wasn’t much point if I wasn’t willing to faction transfer. Still not sure this is a good idea though. There’s a pretty good community Alliance side that would have to deal with an influx of new people. Not to mention it’s already high pop on its own.


A few years ago when the playerbase really started to collapse Blizzard removed the dynamic, real pop labels and replaced them with fake, manually added ones.

All the servers mostly got pushed up from low/med to high/full. It’s fake. It’s a lie. Don’t ever rely on the server pop labels anymore.


They seem pretty accurate to me. Believe me, I’m on a low pop realm right now and it sucks. Most of my auctions get bought by guildies.


They’re not “fake” or “manually added”; the population labels just scale differently since about mid-WoD. Probably something to do with a ratio of players online to players that have logged in within the last week or two tbh, something basically unhelpful in order to inflate the number.

Only reason we know it’s actually a calculated number is because they made a conscious and announced change in WoW Classic to revert the labels back to the way they used to work.


Literally right now


That’s odd.

I also imagine that’s not going to go over well. Proudmoore has a very niche community that’s built around it.

I can’t imagine a bunch of people from a random server like Hyjal being merged into a very pro-LGBT server like Proudmoore is gonna end well.


Yeah, not sure I understand this one. Hopefully the merge doesn’t mess with the culture already present on Proudmoore. I moved there at the end of Cata for that reason and would hate to see this connection change it.


If that were true (it’s not), Full servers would be actually full.

They are never full.

They have changed it again since WoD. Your information is outdated and incorrect.


On the other hand, if it means we get a similar Horde side LGBT-friendly community, that would be awesome! Sorry, but I couldn’t go Alliance. Just not gonna happen. xD

Edit: *that’s large enough to have mythic raiding guilds.

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This is just too ironic for me right now! All of my Horde toons are on Hyjal and all of my Alliance toons are on Proudmoore… Back in 2013 during Mists I even transferred some of my Hyjal toons over there to try to continue raiding with the guild I was in as well. And now the realms are being smoshed together lol, guess I don’t have to worry about bringing my alliance DH over to Hyjal in SL once they remove the DH cap per realm at least heh.

I suppose that’s why it’s worded “Hyjal will join Proudmoore,” more than likely a faction balancing thing. Neither realm is far low-pop by any means, with Proudmoore definitely having more people.

Kinda looking forward to this, and kinda not. I enjoyed never having to compete with the opposing faction in non warmode lol but it’ll be cool to have mass amounts of people everywhere… all the time…


I would be absolutely devastated. I love Proudmoore for being the LGBT-friendly community that it is.

I would love that! But… I’m afraid this will have the opposite effect. We’ll see, I guess. :frowning:


My assumption is to balance the factions. My alliance leaning cluster is being merged with a more horde leaning cluster.


Culture? You mean all the racists and political talk on Trade chat?

Lol I’ve been on Proudmoore for 4 years and Trade chat gets turned off instantly on all my characters.


Isn’t Hyjal mostly horde? That might be it. Because Proudmoore has like. No one Horde lol


Yep I think they’re taking faction populations into account with the mergers, so for example a highly populated highly horde dominant server will have a bunch of small Alliance-weighted realms linked to it.