[H][US][Tichondrius] LF Adult Casual/Semi-Hardcore Raiders for Mythic - 3/10M

Hello! We are an adult casual/semi-hardcore guild currently 3/10M. We are work on progression 2 nights a week with an optional day for other content like CN heroic clears, PVP, etc. Most members are AOTC with a several experienced CE players from the previous tier. We are looking for GOOD players in any class/spec. If you do not see your role, still reach out. We are looking to fill out a few spots on mythic and build a healthy bench.

While we want to achieve CE this tier… we recognize a healthy balance with real life and have started raiding late evening to accommodate. We want to build a roster of steady raiders with a deep bench so we continue to progress and again… maintain life balance. I would say the average age of our guild is upper 20s low 30s; many with families.

Raid Times:
Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30pm PST - 12:00am PST (11:30pm CST - 2:00am CST)Sundays (optional) - Same times. Sundays are typically used to clear normal (heroic once mythic). We use skip then play M+ to help gear members.

We have a steady group and usually running 2 teams almost daily. Sunday evenings are optional and we have started to run Normal CN Raid skip for 207 gear then separate into 2 to 4 M+ teams for gearing after.

New for us… but we have started running 10s and hoping to keep this momentum and build out more teams. Typically run on Friday nights 9:30pm PST - 12:00am PST (11:30pm CST - 2:00am CST)

BE ON TIME!!! (Form up at 9:15pm, First pull at 9:30pm PST)
Know the in’s and out’s of your class/spec
Be familiar with each boss by watching videos on YouTube or reviewing strats
Use Deadly Boss Mods, BigWigs and Weakauras addons
Keep chatter to a minimum during boss encounters
All individuals will be required to perform their assigned role efficiently. It is possible that in the interest of remaining effective progression, some may be asked to sit out for certain bosses or content.
Above all HAVE FUN!

Does this sound like your kinda group?
If this sounds like a good fit for you please check out our guild, logs, and apply. Please post, message, or apply if interested.


Discord: Meaty#1495

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Are you guys looking for a resto shammy with alt being pally tank . currently not raiding because of timing restraint but 930PST would be perfect for me. ready and willing to xfer servers also

Greetings. was wondering what classes and specs you are looking for at the moment