[H][US][Mal'ganis] <Judgmental Sloths> 9/10H Looking for exceptional DPS to push into Mythic progression

Hello everyone,

We are a newly formed guild with a mixture of different backgrounds leading it, from mythic raiders to glad pvpers. Our focus is going to be a bit more towards the raiding side of things with a developed pvp side as well. We have our sights on Cutting Edge and are looking to add a few new members to our raid team. Although all qualified candidates will be considered, we do have more of a need for dps currently.

We are currently recruiting for Shadowlands Mythic raiding. This is a semi-hardcore raiding guild, which is Cutting Edge (CE) focused. Other activities, such as Mythic + dungeons, alt runs, and PvP, will also be encouraged for those interested.

Mal’Ganis (Horde).

Raid Schedule:
2 days a week, 3 hours per day.
Tuesday and Thursday 8pm CST(server) - 11pm CST(server)
If you cannot make these times, please don’t bother.
This rule applies only to those interested in mythic raiding, and not to anyone who wishes to join as a casual or social player.
6 (maybe 9 if people want to finish up something on Sunday) hours is by no means a crazy raid week, we do however, expect to progress as quickly as guilds with similar time investments.

-Be online and ready at least 10 minutes prior to raid time.
-Know how to play your class, while maximizing throughput in the capacity of your role. This includes knowing how to play multiple specs, and NOT tunnel-visioning.
-Review fight specific strategies, and have ample pots/food/flasks ready to go.
-Be open to constructive criticism. This means admit mistakes and move on, while not repeating mistakes numerous times.
-Be optimistic: Things happen. Have a positive attitude towards progression.
-PC which can handle gaming without FPS, or other, issues.
-Must have a stable and reliable internet connection.
-Discord and working mic.

Recruiting Needs:
For core spots, we are currently recruiting a couple capable DPS(Boomy, Lock).
10/10N - 9/10H
All qualified players will be considered for their preferred roles, we do have some flexibility with people currently running multiple toons.

Please note that if you did not engage in any mythic raiding in BFA, that does not mean you can’t trial with us. If you’re confident in your raiding ability (metrics such as HPS/DPS and handling mechanics), then you will have a fair chance to trial.

Casuals are welcomed as well, and can partake in alt runs.

Please reach out to me on discord or Bnet with any questions if interested!

Bnet: Kuddles#11668
Discord: Kuddletime#4574


great group of people


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Changes made to our recruiting needs, only have a direct need for a few DPS at the moment. All qualified candidates will still be considered for their preferred class. Thank you everyone for the interest so far!

Keep up on changes to the recruiting needs. We have a very strong and experienced raiding group. Looking to do fabulous work going forward!

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ilvl179 spriest wants to be a sloth.

Hey I am glad you are interested lets chat on Bnet or discord when you get a chance.

Bnet: Kuddles#11668
Discord: Kuddletime#4574

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updated recruiting needs, LF a exceptional tank and dps

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looking for spriest, mage, arms war, UH DK and a resto shaman