Guild merger

6/10H council of blood we r easily getting to p3 consistently.

Everything is negotiable, we are not stubborn or proud: raid days/times, positions, server, faction, guild name, etc all on the table.

We are a new guild struggling to find out qualified talent to field a proper mythic team. Many of our players are CE and very capable of performing, but we are not going to carry anyone thru any longer.

I am looking to salvage the good talent I have and merge with another guild for the sake of preserving all the work we have put into this.

We currently raid TW 10-2 est however the folks that this schedule was for have bailed.

Raid times r very negotiable at this point, preferably something more mainstream like TWTH 8-12est would be better.

Everything is negotiable and I am very reasonable. We currently have about 15 people worth keeping, How many stay will he dependent on the compromises of the merge.



Message me on discord Shankspec#8004, I think we may have common interests that may lend well to a merger.

Please message Asuna#9953 so we can discuss more :slight_smile:

Hey! Added you on BattleTag, but feel free to add me on discord if that works better for you: SaintLuna#11342. Let’s chat.

Lets chat for a bit, we are kind of in a similar boat.

Bnet: Kuddles#11668
Discord: Kuddletime#4574

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Ive added yall to my list. Still looking for options so PM me when your free.

Added you.

Did you find a guild to merge with? If not message me on discord Asuna#9953

Added you on BNET. Hope you havent found something yet my guild is in the same boat and would love to talk to you