[H][US][Illidan] <I Donut Care> Tuesday & Thursday

I Donut Care is a semi-hardcore guild looking for people for Fated Raids. (Previous Tiers 6/10 M CN, 9/10M SoD, 6/11 SFO). Our main focus is to provide players with a fun atmosphere to enjoy the game and cooperate together as a team to achieve AoTC every tier, Keystone Master, and dip into Mythic for the challenge and push as far as we can go.

We raid 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM (CST) Server Time, Tuesday and Thursday, with pick up days if members are for it.

We are currently looking for players with recent raid experience and…



Always looking for more people, so don’t be afraid to holler.

A guild is only as good as its members, if you sit back and do nothing or say nothing you will feel left out. We also mess with other games together.

If you have any questions feel free to message myself (Please message me your character name/class), Crian#11764 , (BEST WAY) Discord JrSlacker#1624 or VATO#1893 , or any member online.

Still looking, don’t be shy :)!

Boop :slight_smile:

Looking for DPS :smiley:!

Don’t be shy! :slight_smile:

Where are all the DPS?

We need a healer too :frowning:

Where are thou, mages/hpala/hunters

Looking for more :slight_smile:

Still looking :slight_smile:

Friendly bump.

Still looking for people!

Still need DPS :slight_smile:

Friendly bump, still looking for mages and hunters.

Still need DPS!

Still need one tank & more DPS :slight_smile:

where are thou TANKS & DPS?

Hey, 220 Brew here looking to get into Mythic if you guys are willing to pick me up. https://raider.io/characters/us/bleeding-hollow/Pepetiddly. Used to play mage, still kinda do but will probably start rolling tank from here out. Pjerelly#1936 if you want to DM me.

Shooting out an Add :slight_smile:


Oh & DPS.

Looking for TANK & Ranged DPS still :slight_smile: