Hurry up and do something blizz

Faction specific ques.

yeah it really sucks to be an alliance. I’ve been just mob grinding at Wintersprings by the Lake Kel’Therel(?) because it’s pretty close to the GY. Hordes would gank me there all the time but I do not fight back, I just die and run back to the corpse. If they corpse camp me, I still do not fight back but just /clap and die again. lol
They usually kill me couple more times and leave me. Like I said, GY is pretty close by so it’s cool. I don’t get mad or agitated by the endless ganking, I just accept it and just move on. If you still don’t like the ganking, find a cave to just mob grind. Don’t kill the mobs outside the cave, as they can know if someone is inside cave. Just grind it out till 60. Good luck! =)

but you guys are not killing us by being good.
you guys are killing us because you guys outnumber us. lol

Why is anyone defending Blizzard? Why are we pretending there isn’t a problem?

I realize the PvE guys want to rub it in the noses of the elitists who thought they were good for playing on PvP servers and who are now doing nothing but crying on the forums. I also realize that the horde(which are the overall majority) largely cannot understand the problem because it doesn’t affect them(or they’re having fun gang-ganking the pathetic alliance).

But this dismissive attitude about Blizzard’s mistakes is giving Blizzard cover by keeping the community fighting with itself. We should be speaking with a collective voice to make Blizzard fix their game.

Every thread and every comment should be “Blizzard fix your game”.


You know that’s never, ever going to happen. That’s why i said “plausible” solutions

They did…

If Blizzard was going to do anything it definitely wont be before they release BG’s and see how it evens out servers.

Quit being dramatic.

Blizzard created a problem that everyone should have seen coming months ago, and then THEY let it go on for a full month. Had they let it go on for two months, or three months, would you still defend them?

It should have been fixed a week ago, or a month ago, or from launch. So please stop defending Blizzard, they don’t deserve it.

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Fix it HOW? I hate posts that don’t offer any solutions.

Might as well complain about how you can’t find any tanks and tell Blizzard to fix that. Somehow. Just do it Blizzard.

There’s is very little they can do to help with this. BG releasing early is one of the best things they could have done.

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I really, truly believe
Blizz is trying to force…
‘You think you do, but you don’t.’
into reality.

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It should happen. It’s the best fix for the issue.

Believe you me I want the problem solved, I don’t want rerollers on my server.

I found the fix for wpvp.

Just have your guild meet in ironforge, then all fly out to red ridge and AS A GROUP ride out to BRM:) no one died once! I managed to gank a lowbie questing and we wiped the horde clean out of BRM:) they came back with like 80 peeps tho, but we were in MC then.

Worldwide pvp shut off switch,
until factions get into acceptable levels is one option.
Trolls screaming at others to re-roll, would be forced to … re-roll.
That’s how you run a Gank server.
Want to have an unbalanced server, fine, you are now a PvE server… officially.
Up to the population to fix themselves at that point.

You are right. The damage is already done and classic is over for the casual players. That’s what happens when blizzard refuses to implement faction based queue systems. The game will destroy itself with people fleeing to servers they can actually play on. Until the end when every PvP server is PvE and no one has fun anymore.

“You think you do, but we are going to make sure you don’t”


PvP servers are not for you.

BG’s being released will fix 90% of the problem. But why is it taking them a month to release BG’s? Phase 2 has destroyed classic, and continues to destroy classic, and everyone should have seen it coming.

The population imbalance is a problem, but the real problem is that the Vanilla Honor System doesn’t reward honorable PvP, it rewards dishonorable PvP.

The advocates of phase 2 imagined big PvP raids going head-to-head at BRM or at SS/TM, with massive brawls for world bosses.

What we actually got was flight-point camping, corpse-camping, and lowbie-ganking by hundreds of people farming honor 10+ hours a day.


Roll carebear PvE or go back to retail. Classic PvP servers are for those that can handle it. If you can’t go somewhere else. Don’t ruin it for the majority that are enjoying this.

We will see how they deal with the next angst on Oceanic servers ie potentially massive queues for horde … Technically, even if there are stupidly long queues, they shouldn’t touch it …but this will be horde tears and they are Blizzard’s fav’s.

Normal servers are in fact doing the SS/TM thing.
Gank servers are ganking, we did warn folk about this when these forums opened up for names.
The only thing I can say is that they released p2 way too early.
If most of the unbalanced servers had another month or 2 to get to 60, might have seen different outcomes.
You can’t blame Gank servers for being Gank servers though. That’s completely on that type of player, not Blizz.
I think a PvP shut off switch really could solve it.
Pvp Shut off if level 60 levels go past the 60/40 mark.
Possible solution.

I’m still waiting for what makes a game “dead”. People (generally speaking) like to toss this word around, as if it means something. When I ask for them to define it, they don’t really answer. It’s a bullying tactic to try to scare the Classic community away from Classic :cocktail:

Trying to have you understand.
These gankers are doing simple math, they need honor to rank up. the flight paths are the best source. They were in Vanilla too, but we rarely had the number to hold a FP long, much less what they are doing today.

If you ask for BGs that creates waiting lines for them,
where they won’t be gaining honor, where will they go to gain it?
Well depending on the p3 launch,
if it’s BG Quing, they will be at your BG and the FP guarding it.
You are worth more honor, even if you were in the BG, you are worth more in wPvP than in the BG.

If it’s city BG Quing, nothing will change from today.

Well possibly if you all are Qued in the city, they will come to the city and wipe it, still more honor gain with the possibility of killing world leaders.

I really don’t think people are understanding the honor grind, it’s a viscous thing to get to rank 14.
p3 is going to solve nothing, it will make it worse (for gank servers).

but hey I said releasing p2 early was a mistake,
I wasn’t in agreement with DM being released early either.
So I’m not one they are listening to, lol.
(but I haven’t been wrong either)

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