Hunters in random BGs HAVE to be nerfed. This has gone on FAR too long

Yes, I am.

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Are we talking in very specific modes of play? because hunters are very popular in this game lol. like maybe at high rating pvp they fall off but outside of that they are everywhere. I have watched mdi streams that were 3 hunters healer tank before in bfa. I find it hard to believe that hunters are not a popular class.

While I don’t agree with rogues, I agree that hunters have never been very popular in any form of rated content. When’s the last time you were putting together a 2s, 3s, or RBG group and though to yourself “oh man you know what we’re missing? A hunter!”

As I pointed out earlier in this thread, hunters are one of the least popular classes in all forms of rated content and we have been for a long, long time. You want my burst? Take it. I’ll gladly trade all of my burst for some consistent damage and some stronger defensives. Because as he said earlier in this thread, a decent group is just going to heal through the burst anyway.

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PVP wise they are very popular for levelers and low-skilled random content. As soon as you dip your toes into rated, they disappear.


Like I said, there was a long period of Hunters being the last guy picked for the team. Not today’s FOTM thing, but the legitimate avoidance of choosing hunters for raids etc. Sure, it has changed. Once we actually started getting noticed, everyone wanted to get on the chuckwagon.

I remember being in a raid and being told that rogues and hunters were not going to get heals because they didn’t contribute enough to matter. It was that way for many years.


Post on your Warrior, or you’re full of fish. Simple, take you 2 seconds or stop making excuses for Hunters.

What excuse did I make for hunters?

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They should nerf aimed shot by 30% and give it back at 60 as a new rank of aimed shot. Boom!! problem solved

Yep. I ended up doing rated a lot on my priest bc I couldn’t get spots on my hunter then. We were like the fat kid who got picked last for dodgeball. I’ve played MM while it stunk, while people ridiculed my spec choice. It’s nice to have our time to shine for once.


I have this NE toon and I have an Orc Hunter on Rivendare and when I do get picked for 2’s 3’s or RBGs I get focused and ganged up on immediately. There are some matches where I’m dead before I can even get a shot off.

Exactly why I stopped doing RBG’s. On the one hand I want to improve my gear, on the other it is not worth dealing with the frustration, or the 1 - 2 hour Q. More frustrating when the bickering starts and the group disbands.

For the longest time every mistake in a raid was blamed on the “stupid Huntard that can’t control his pet”. This is why most times I don’t use a pet…old habits.


What raid groups wwere you rolling in? I am pretty sure hunters pump in tbc same with rogues. Rogues were also really strong in vanilla raiding as well.

Your horse is dead.

Well it’s clear that MM hunters are the kings of regular BGS.
They are always top in KDA and make insane pressure, it needs to get a nerf or a rework.
And if talk about lower lvl bgs, again same problem Hunters are broken there as well mainly bm and survival so idk.
It’s really not fun playing again 4–7 hunters in a single bg when i wanna farm honor on alt, hell even on my main it can be a real pain.

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Hunters are not quite the “kings” I can still reck their day. But pally counters hunter pretty hard

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I got hit for a 96k Aimed Shot crit earlier in a BG, with my fleshcraft up in full pvp gear. It was amazing.


Kotmogu or Ashran?

I’m trying to remember, but it wasn’t either of those. It was an epic, but I think it was IoC

Wel, I had one of those earlier, but it was a lock and load proc during a hardcast.

No other cds/modifiers up, I think.


Reduce the effectiveness of Careful Aim and Double Tap by 50% in PVP.