Hunters in random BGs HAVE to be nerfed. This has gone on FAR too long

Hahahaha, just about everytime I visit the good ole Battleground forum there is yet another post about someone wanting to nerf hunters.

Please keep it up because I absolutely love the ability to get a good laugh from reading these posts!

Hunters would be fine if they fixed the double tap bug double dipping into careful aim.

Where is the proof of the double tap bug??

I thought people had issues replicating it, and sometimes it’d just hit for full damage.

Yeah the level of toxic gameplay surrounding this spec is horrible. To the point now where most bgs I cue into 30-50%….yes sometimes 50% of the team is MM hunters. As a melee class you dont stand a chance. Have been 80k to zeroed in less than 2 seconds so many times it has made me stop doing bgs. It just isn’t fun anymore


I’ve seen 8/10 enemies players as a hunter. Survival is actually more destructive than MM but it has more buttons which is a turn off for the average hunter player.

Retail is too far gone imo, hunters just get never ending buffs. Come play classic wrath tomorrow instead. Hunters aren’t as brain dead so there won’t be a plague of them.

Sorry, but this coming from a Fury is pure LOL. MM is not a top tier spec in high end Arena, you know which one is? Fury. Why? Because knowledgeable players now how to counter Hunters. Sorry you cannot dominate everyone and everything. Randoms are a total mess, as always. You cannot base anything off of them. When you have players with 40K hp going up against 121k hps, what do you expect? The mobile ranged specs are going to have the upper hand.

Go to wowmeta and check out the rankings, Fury is #1. Go to the Wow PvP leader boards for 2v2, 3v3 and 10v10, MM doesn’t even scratch the top 100, you know what spec does? Fury. GG.

Yeah, nerf MM.

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MM Hunters in raids? B-tier

MM Hunters in 2’s? 12th

MM Hunters in 3s? 10th

MM Hunters in RBGs? 16th

The entire BG forums? “Help Hunters are OP!”


I mean there’s been several times I’ve been blasted out of camo from a warrior knowing where I am and just heroic leaping to my spot. That’s obviously a me problem as I shouldn’t of let them know where I was, but it can be done lol.

What did they mean by this

MM Hunters aren’t particularly good in Arenas or RBGs. There are those that do well in both, and great for them, but we aren’t exactly sought after. Any nerf to MM hunters will only make us less viable in other aspects of WoW.

The problem that everyone seems to have is that we have access to massive amounts of damage with no setup. Other specs can dish out damage that is comparable but requires setup. Personally, I could do without a strong Aimed shot as an opener and would be willing to cut aimed shot damage down by 20% as long as we can go back to steady shot increasing the next aimed shot by 5% stacking 4 times, as we did in BFA(I think it was BFA). This puts us more in line with other ranged specs setup time. We still have access to big damage but it requires an additional wrinkle or two on our brains.


Honestly this cycle of round robin nerf-batting has been going on forever. There is always going to be someone that is unhappy. For every KB I get, I die mainly to Warriors, Rogues and DH’s. Sometimes I would rather just die quick because once we get run down there is little Hunters can do aside from evasion tactics. If a team has any skill at all they can normally heal through most of the burst, that is why clothies have begun tanking eh?

nerf mm
nerf aff
nerf bear druid
nerf sub rogue

aimed shot double tap fixed

Shots fired!

I’ll add this one to the nerf list, but it’s getting pretty big at this point.

Here is your proof.

ok, then this discussion is now moot. I wonder how long the nerf bat will continue to swing…maybe as long as those mage tanks keep taunting us in EBG’s?

BTW, how does a female mage teabag an opposing player? Wearing Lipton’s?

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It won’t matter. Hunters have been the source of QQ threads since 2004.


Oddly enough, we were never very popular and honestly were not considered much of a threat. Same with Rogues. It has taken an evolutionary cycle of many years for us to become a class that added some weight to a battle. Other than a couple of evasive abilities, we still die way to easily to almost every other class. We wear mail for goodness sake, yet we are still so squishy that if we did not have the burst damage we would be totally irrelevant.


Are you saying that hunters and rogues never were very popular? Have you lost your mind? The issue with MM hunters is that they do incredibly high burst damage, which is unfun to deal with. Blizzard claims to have fixed a bugged ability. Hopefully, it will become less tedious to face hunters because nobody enjoys being killed in 0.3 sec by a hunter in stealth.

While we’re at it, why do hunters even have stealth? Y’all should be given some sort of terrible ability that only considerably reduces mob aggro range at the cost of movement speed.

Just be glad whoever’s in charge’s girlfriend plays a hunter. Otherwise, your class would’ve been nerfed two patches ago.