Hunters in random BGs HAVE to be nerfed. This has gone on FAR too long

When I play my ilvl 236 hunter, I absolutely murder people and I barely have to try.

When I play ANY melee, I have to work 3x as hard to get a kill, less damage, less survivability.

This is absolutely insane, and I am not sure why this is being allowed for so long.


Idk man, My aimed shots didn’t even start to do some REAL damage until I had Combatant I gear. Before that, they were pretty weak and my hunter was pretty squishy. If you’re murdering people at 236 ilvl then I feel like it has more to do with the quality of players you are facing and not the power of your hunter.

Your talent choices are very heavily centered around offensive gameplay versus melee. Personally, you should swap out Massacre, Meatclever, Furious Charge and Storm Bolt With Frenzy, Bladestorm, Warpaint and Double Time. Then for a PvP talent you should swap out Disarm with Enduring Rage.

Double Time and Warbringer Sync VERY well together against most range attackers. Enduring Rage and Warpaint are going to make sure that you can close the gap without losing too much HP. Save your charges until AFTER disengage and save your bladestorm until AFTER turtle. The more pressure you can place on a hunter and keep them mobile, the less of a threat they are.

You’ll also find that you can put a lot more pressure on healers in arenas and FC’s in BGs using these talents, as you will be a lot harder to peel.

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All ranged Dps should do 30% less damage than melee.

With that said Hunter needs likely a 50% dmg nerf to Aim shot. Rapid fire and Arcane needs some tuning as well.

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Yeah im not sure why ranged gets to do equal AND have escape tools (some with immunities)

Ranged should be scared of melee, not the other way around. Ranged is easier to play.


Ahhh, the nostalgia of an Abomb post. Never change my dude, never change.


Says the beyblade…


Hunter is easier to play. Casters are generally harder to play than melee when someone is sitting on them. Caster is easy when they are allowed to freecast on people who are fighting someone else.


Really? When I play melee I usually just enable auto run and start killing everything that dares stand in the way of my auto running. At least Hunters have to care about positioning unlike the brainless melee in bgs.


Huh? Positioning as melee is far more difficult and punishing.


Why don’t you use your melee ability that allows you to hit people over 50 yards away?

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In a random bg where 90% of players are completely clueless? I don’t think so, my melee characters are freely able to do whatever they want.

I do! Heroically leaping and charging the poor casters down is something I do often.


No, that’s the Hunters and Affliction Warlocks.

I devote my important skill based melee uptime to gy farming the MM rerolls since their team wont peel or cc me in the slightest in a random bg and the rerollers themselves have no clue how to do anything other than sit and aimed shot or rapid fire while backpedalling.

Last time I heroic leaped towards a hunter that opened from camo with sniper shot I got gibbed halfway through the leap by double tap aimed shot and explosive from death chakrams.

Press your cooldowns bro. I have yet to die that way since the reaction times of these “hunters” is super super slow. Impending Victory healing me for 80k every 15 seconds is also super helpful!

You do realize that you have to be in melee range to use impending victory, right?

Post from your warrior.


Yes, that is what heroic leap and charge is for.

What part of dead midleap do you not understand?

Do I need to draw a picture for you?

Leap before they start casting man. Or let them cast first then leap.