Hunters in random BGs HAVE to be nerfed. This has gone on FAR too long

Ah, leap to the invisible hunter before he starts shooting. Got it.

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Theres your problem. You’re wasting your abilities before the enemy makes himself visible.

Pretty sure you chose the wrong race. Trolls can be hunters too.

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I am neither a troll nor a hunter. I am but a simple Orc Fury warrior. Formerly a dawrf prot pally.

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Just 2 shot people with Vanq hammer into a Final Verdict. Works for paladins! I’m sure fury has some way of closing gaps.

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So you used a pretty common one-shot cheese mechanic on paladins and are comparing it to the greater issue not only warriors, but a lot of other melee.

Sounds pretty silly to me.

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Idk if any other melee actually have that issue in random bgs outside of monks and dks tbh.

Only the bad melee do as shown evidently by this turbo chad of a Fury Warrior complaining about pvp issues.

MM damage is an issue. Blizzards needs to fix the double tap bug.

I wish we could tag threads before posting them as either “Looking for advice” or “Just ranting”.

Maybe even a 3rd tag called “Just another Munrozzi”


Would be nice.

Double tap bug?

It double dips with careful aim

Ah so even if the first hit brings them below 70% you still get the additional damage on the second?

Me hunter, me hit aimed shot, me stronk.


Correct. They bugged it this patch.

Proof? I can’t seem to find anything.

I’m not sure if there has been anything difinitive except that the second aimed shot of double tap is doing full damage instead of half. There maybe be some CA modifier or AI in general hitting too hard but I’m not sure.

Generally each patch they nerf armor for PvE reasons and it bleeds over into PVP which partially explains why every physical spec hits VERY hard right now, from outlaw to warrior and of course Marksmanship

Why is a fury warrior of all specs complaining about hunters?

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Personally I’d like to ban Classic alts.