Hunters can now tame dragons and undead. Again, warlocks, the other pet class get...?

You’re proof that opinion often doesn’t reflect reality.


Yes please.

And I’m not sure if this is somewhere above but just in case - please please please let me name my demons.



I want to choose my undead minion. I know I can have one for 5 minutes, but I want to pick my own permanent one.


It’s the same for locks, both classes should have more options :confused:

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Canonically impossible :frowning: our Wrathguard was an Eredar of Argus for example, with a family, that’s why our names are “fixed”.

Though arguably whenever hunters tame Wild Gods/adjacent they should also be unable to rename them :stuck_out_tongue:

More options for everyone tho

How in the world does a hunter tame anything undead? Isn’t the entire point of the fantasy of a hunter pet to be a companion tamed in nature? A tamed beast, working together with the hunter?

A Death Knight controls undead - they don’t befriend it… I’m honestly so baffled by this addition to the hunter taming list. How do you tame an undead dinosaur?? How is this NOT a way to introduce SOME customization to DK’s?


I wish Hunters could tame Dragons…

It’s BS and I play a hunter and find it full on jacked up stupid that the deves are so incompetent. All these demons and there NOT able to be used but some Hunter can tame a undead creature…

Yeah think they need to lay off the brain dead juice they are sucking on but then again I think half of them came brain dead when they joined cause lets face it class creativetly is down the loo.


To be fair, Undead Hunters exist, and also in the Drustvar questing a witch turned someone’s dog into a wicker-beast and the wicker-dog still remembers its owner and acts like a puppy, so I guess undead animals still retain animal-like behavior?

But yeah #WarlockStables now

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Man Warlocks always get the short end of the stick…

Usually shoved in our eye…


I see your point, but being an undead doesn’t inherintly give you control over undead things. Being a Death Knight and having control over them makes a lot more sense.

Yeah, it does seem the intelligence of undead creatures varies for sure. Lots of mindless undead just running around with no purpose other than “kill!”, but then there are plenty of undead creatures, like SIndragosa, that can speak, show intelligence, etc. I would think at the end of the day though, Arthas could control Sindragosa fully at will.

I’m no lore guru by any means, so I see where there could be gray area, but definitely still seems silly to me!

I just think every class could benefit from extra customization, and Warlocks need some drastically. This could’ve been a decent way to introduce some to DK’s too. Oh well…


Been this way far too long now and the deves are perfectly fine with it and have a IDC attitude when it comes to warlocks I mean we lost so much of what made our classes to other classes in game. At this rate I think the company just wants to get rid of locks since they have no clear Idea what to do with them. Bad enough they broke a spec cause they didn’t like it .

I expect them to do some more dumb crap to the class in SL that will just make it a dumpster fire like shadow priest will be. BUT hey at least I will not have so many characters to play and I can look for something better to fill the time when we are not doing the slow grinds we are getting.


Yeah Blizzard I think sometimes forget that part of the RPG part of WoW is having fun, engageable “class fantasy”.

Warlocks class fantasy needs some more in-game implementation. It’s nice and all that we have questlines where we learn how to summon demons from grimoires, or that the lore states that Destro’s spells comes from Deathwing and Ragnaros, or that Aff’s spells come from Twilight’s Hammer torture investigations, or that Demonology’s spells are from going out in the wild and experimenting with enslaving new demons

but where is that in the gameplay?

When’s the last time Enslave Demon or Banish was useful mechnanically and it wasn’t nerfed? One of the dungeons in legion I think?

We can’t even Enslave aberrations temporarily as of right now even though Voidwalkers are now canonically Aberrations, and in the new starting experience the Warlock voidwalker quest is us finishing a summon/enslave ritual from the Void (NOT twisting nether because it’s a VOIDwalker). It’s dumb.

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I agree! let hunters tame slimes. Also let Warlocks and DKs tame demons and undead, respectively. I would like to have a whatever that thing is with the two flaming swards or maybe those guys with the saw blades for a tank instead of the voidwalker. Or maybe tame that big lizard centaur thing.

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I get my pets with little hearts and light pawing. Warlocks cast chains upon unwilling demons. Maybe you should try asking nicely?

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During all BFA i told my friends how cool would be a Zandalari DK controlling that worldboss undead t-rex… =/

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The nicest we asked was offering three hearts of good men to the succubus

The thing is, in WoW dragons are sapient creatures. While Cloud serpents are just animals who happen to look like dragons.

It’s the difference between keeping a monkey as a pet and keeping a human as a slave.

They are typed as beasts and have been since MoP. Mogu hunters have them as pets.

Well a hunter dragon combo would most likely be a partnership.