Hunters can now tame dragons and undead. Again, warlocks, the other pet class get...?

Warlocks get nothing. They don’t tame demons.

Its not Sunday yet. We are highest DPS in game and some animal crossing player is complaining about pets,go play mario. It is basic logic to see difference between A HUNtER, and a warlock, just please analyze those words I hope you can at least do that.

This is the truly the most important thing.

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The warlock class hall is literally filled with demons of all stripes that have pledged loyalty to me (us). How does it not make sense to bring one along with me when I do stuff? Really dumb that we’re so limited.


There are some sapient cloud serpents too and dragons that aren’t xD

We slave the eredar sister in the chain quest, we could use them at least -_-

Also Worgen or Shaman in wolf form.

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Actually we tame Felhunters, and enslave the other demons.

Don’t be bitter, be better.

More customization is more fun for all and the lore justification has always existed in-game


No and no.

All the talking Cloud serpents are either outright stated or heavily implied to be wild gods.

And there’s never been a dragon shown to be non-sapient.

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You do neither. You summon demons you’ve made pacts with. You cannot rename them. You cannot abandon them.

Because all our demons are pre-existing entities we’ve obtained through subjugating or making deals in order to obtain their true name.

Here’s a detailed post explaining why you are horribly wrong with cited references! Xoxo

Thanks for trying!

Warlocks and Death Knights need some sort of stable function.


i get your logic, but proto-drakes are similar to cloud serpents in that regard so idk


And they should also be tamable, along with Draenor Fey dragons.


Envy is a deadly sin.


You would think there would be more options and player agency for Warlocks players. :100: :+1:


How do you think us Unholy feel… I want to control an undead raptor that I can DT into a giant T.rex abomination


and we support you