Human Customization Thread

I think for humans in general my top wishlist item is to have the scars added as separate from faces and to be available for body and face.

Now I think on it I also want the regular colors available on some of the new hairs so my characters hair didn’t have to go from darkish red to carrot…


second batch favorites

this is a cool idea and i like her hairstyle too

baaards, yes, baaards. and his hairstyle is cool, too

he just looks so powerful. awesome pose and i think his hair is wrathion-like. well its wrathion on steroids

gorgeous, love the hair, the style and the delicate asian features.


I’m not a scientist, but I think you like hair.

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hehe its customizations for various ethnicities of the human variety - so stormwind, kul’tiran, tanaris and stranglethorn humans. it includes ethnic features, hairstyles/colors, eye colors, skin colors, hair types, scars, freckles and new classes

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There are two things they can do here actually.

  1. Connect Accents to the Point of Origin, thus the Human’s audio file changes to suit their Point of Origin (IE: Humans from Stormwind sound like they’re from Stormwind, Humans from Gilneas sound like they’re from Gilneas, Humans from Kul Tiras, sound like they’re from Kul Tiras, and etc.) However, if Blizzard wants to maximize Roleplay & Storytelling-
  2. Make Accents (customizable Voice option basically) separate from the Point of Origin. Your Human might be from Kul Tiras & sound like they’re from there, but they’re still starting in Stormwind. Your Human might be from Stormwind & sound like they’re from there, but they’re starting in Gilneas, and etc.

Also thank you for this note. Warcraft Humans have NEVER to my knowledge, ever been separated into different groups of People based upon something like skin color, facial structure, and etc…That just hasn’t been a thing in lore. Outside of some exceptions, extremes, & other very situational things, I simply could not see a Warcraft Human taking such things into consideration without assuming some out-of-universe influence is starting to bleed into the setting.


Day 2, let’s get right into it:

First, I wanted to post a chart of eye types that Blizzard should go over. The reason being that they have a few of these already, but unfortunately the eye shapes are locked to certain faces. That just doesn’t cut it anymore, and this would go a long way in character satisfaction.

Second, eye colors. Sure, you’d think Human eye color would be boring. And it may be, if we weren’t constantly around corrupting and invasive energies that warp living things. Demons, elementals, dragons, and now the afterlife…humans have been through some stuff on (and beyond) Azeroth. And they are due some unique eye color choices!

If anything, some of unique eye options should be rewards from past expansions, to give people something to go into old dungeons and raids for.

In future expansions, being bit by a vampire (please, please, please) could unlock other options. So, in the spirit of the Shadowlands, here are a few I thought would be neat…

Revendreth 1

Revendreth 2

Maldraxxian 1

Maldraxxian 2

Kyrian - I’m not saying Kyrian eyes should win contests…

Kyrian 2 - I’m saying, they totally WOULD win contests.

Night Fae - Elemental eyes that change color with the seasons


Honestly? Blizzard has kind of a golden ticket at this moment, to invest in just that. Sure, it would cause a bit of turmoil, but they’re kind of down right now, so any changes they make showing they want to step up their game would be great optics for them. Thanks for the vote of confidence, by the way. If you see anything you like, let us know!

I’m whittling down my ‘scars’ candidates right now, but I should have a full entry either tomorrow or Monday. And, I agree with you and gent earlier, there’s a bit missing from the hair color categories for humans. I think I’ll dig up what I have for two toned and dyed options.


I love this. Humans need love too on the customization front. Some people are always so… negative about them as a race in the game.


You’re so supportive, thank you! I know I’m gushing, but I appreciate it, and I’m really glad you like these. I’ll have another set of city origin ideas posted tonight.

Dude, these are amazing ideas! I’d like to add them into the list of requests, if you don’t mind. They should absolutely expand the voice work for our characters, and your suggestions would give players a new appreciation for their creations.

I’m not sure if Blizzard accidentally tripped over it, or if it is a natural outgrowth of the game’s direction, but I am a major fan of Warcraft Humans being totally comfortable and accepting of all Humans from various locations. I hope we Human players here can maintain it.

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Two new city entries for the Point of Origin conceptualizations…

Boralus (Pirate / Urban Punk)

Stormsong Valley Ranger

Port Authority Investigator (Rogue)

Royal Naval Mage

Newly Risen Kul Tiran Death Knight

Kul Tiran Shaman

Boralus Sky Pirate

Order of Embers Discipline Priest

Forbidden Monasteries (Ninja Punk)
Lost Mogu Temple Assassin

Lost Mogu Temple Assassin

Lost Mogu Temple Warrior

Lost Mogu Temple Warrior

Sha-Touched Warlock


I wish we had as much variation as in the images you post. I just want a pretty male human paladin :pensive:

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One thing I thought of would be nail color options as well as having the makeup options also be available for the males! Makeup as well could use a update so it isn’t so doll like!


lots of cool pictures that would make great additions. though the one thing i want to see for humans is some kind of body option to be the skinny model or a different type of human model. human males in this game are so ugly


I’m here for all of the awesome hairstyles and other suggestions. Albinistic skin color would be nice too. I seldom see games that represent albinism in people.


Go ahead and add them if you desire!

I remember seeing this video one time and I don’t remember if it was the youtuber that said it or they were quoting Blizzard on it. But, they said that; If you play a Human, your Human is from Stormwind! And I remember just shaking my head at such limited thinking as we’ve clearly seen that regular Humans are NOT exclusively from Stormwind.

Agreed it needs to be maintained. As I said prior; outside of some exceptions, extremes, & other very situational things, I simply could not see a Warcraft Human taking such things into consideration without assuming some out-of-universe influence is starting to bleed into the setting. If this was say…the Warhammer Fantasy universe, we would be having an entirely different conversation most likely with very few exceptions. But, this isn’t the Warhammer Fantasy universe, this is the Warcraft universe, and Warcraft Humans have basically just always been together regardless of skin color, facial structures, etc etc…

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Agreed on albinism! Would love to see more eye colors around pink and red to match that! (Grey, Hazel, Amber and Violet as well unless they are already in the game and I’m forgetting. Also need dark brown eye color.)


As nice as a lot of these options in the game are, and I’d like to see them added, I don’t think the non-human races (everybody who’s not a Kul Tiran, Gilnean or Stormwind human) should be left out either.


Thanks my friend, and I’m totally with you. I won’t lie, I have some decent looking characters, but they could be so much more. Blizzard has been surprising us, so maybe one day :slight_smile:

I will see what I can find! I’ve added some customization options in the #2 post in this thread, but I will be adding some face paint ideas I had. Honestly, I never considered makeup, but I’ll see what I can find for you :slight_smile: And, if you have any ideas, please feel free to share!

I’m with you 100% on that my friend. In the OP, I’ve added a drop down tab, with a list the other racial customization threads. I participate in a lot of those threads also: I like the creativity and enthusiasm other players have for it. Have a look at those threads as well, and definitely make suggestions or just participate in the chats :slight_smile:


It’s unfortunately a trait that’s used for vampires and elven nobility, and the actual traits for Albinism are almost always left out, for sake of fantasy. I’d love to see a proper rendition of it as well. In the meantime, I have a portrait, some neat vitiligo suggestions to boot.

I’ve been looking for adventurers with thinner frames, it’s been a hot request for most RPG players, in and out of WoW, for some time. It’s easier to find female examples (I’ve posted some below), but I did find a few guys as well.

It’d be nice if we could get body sliders in the game.


classy. the collar on his coat is understated but gets the point across, and flared half sleeves look cool too. all the gold embroidery is nice, and of course, nice hairstyle

gadgets! nice. hair is designed around the goggles. wonder what it would look like without the goggles. like the buckles on the boots

stylishly creepy. no hair?