How we REALLY got our TBC honor (with sources)

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Can’t believe I have to bump this.

For the love of quarterly earnings, think before you hotfix.

What a great way to train your players to exploit bugs as often and as early as possible.

If they’re worried about honor banking for launch, anyone serious enough has already done it, so just reset honor at launch. Don’t pull up the ladder behind the guys sitting on 75k honor and pretend that fixes the issue. Why does this even need to be said?


Blizz quit sucking at your literal job.


great work

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either our community manager got facebook-tier clickbaited and passed along an awful recommendation based on it, or something else that hasn’t been alluded to or addressed at all is going on. either way from a community standpoint this is a very poor job


Yep should see the math now.
170 hours to get weapon(s) if doing AV nonstop 50/50 w/l ratio as horde. 107 as ally due to queue timers being shorter. (Thats adding 40 honor average from kills)


I’m not.

I didn’t give Blizzard the 10x value.

If it’s not accurate then i hope they’ll put the proper values
I have been searching for a long time but i can’t find a screenshot/video from TBC where we were winning 4 digits bonus honor points in a BG.

Maybe they have to check the honor per kill but the rest wasn’t inaccurate…

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TBC does not release until June 1st. We are not in TBC. We are in pre-patch.

Geez someone ban this guy for deception and carelessness. Or straight up cuckery.


200 something honor for an AV win when items cost 8k-19k, marks that are from 19-40…what the actual %^&* is going on at Blizzard?


I know we both remembered honor for objectives being a lot lower in TBC. Not “factor of 10” low but still low.

But we also remembered the grind being very close to the speed that it was prenerf, its just the grind was different.

Instead of speeding through objectives, we were clashing in our fights a lot more while the objectives were being done as HKs yielded so much more collective honor.

In addition, the prepatch values were at least 40-50 per HK as a level 60. The values for a level 70 were higher.

Right now on live a solo HK with no other people in your group yields 14.


yeah honor per kill is 100% inaccurate, video evidence from 2.0 pvp stuff shows it. our question is where the hell the pserver/lvl 70 av vids came from as proof???


Then can you provide us videos/screenshots where you win more than 1000 honor bonus points per BG in TBC/pre patch
So they can fix it and prove i’m wrong

I’m fine being wrong. I just thought it was weird, reported it then Blizzard confirmed it was the case.
They could have said “Nope it’s fine” i would have glady accepted it.

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Nobody cares if you’re right or wrong only you do but you’re the reaosn they changed it cuz you made a post for no reason so go crawl back into your hole.


this thread is rife with them, check em out. they are even from live 2.0 and not private servers


Keep it up guys. Maybe with enough backlash some of it will be reverted.


Congrats on making yourself the current most hated person in the community lmao.


Yes this thread prove that honor per kill is not accurate and too low.

I hope they are gonna fix that too !


That’s not the point I was making. I was making 2 points.

  1. The factor of 10 is incorrect, the honor was definitely lower for objectives but not THAT low.

  2. The base Honor from HKs was much MUCH higher and it was the reason why our grind was fine back then. And its the reason why no one remembers the grind being this insane, because it wasnt’. Somehow the base honor per kill is so low on 2.5 that you could make the case they basically banned income from this. Which is bad.

The combination of both of these issues at the same time is what is unacceptable.


Jesus you’re brain dead.


And you are probably right man !