How to report in game mail gold seller spam

If this is not the place to ask, please tell me where.

I don’t know how to block a player from sending me in game mail, cant right click and ignore from the message. I have marked several of these with the “spam” button but they keep on coming.

I have a screen shot with info that wont be posted here, is there an email address to report abuse to Blizzard?


It temp blocks the mail, but I’ve seen it come back, go ahead and delete it after you report it and it returns.

The spam report option will place the person on a temporary ignore list, which will make the mail not available to you. When that ignore clears, you’ll have access to the mail again.

If you’ve already reported it, Rabit, you can just delete it when it comes back. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response, I just keep reporting as spam.

Is that enough to get the player evaluated for selling gold?


Those reports are used during related investigations, yes.


You can send a screen shot to
But better to report as spam. They can still see the message when you delete it.

In-Game Mail from Gold Sellers is becoming a huge problem in classic now…

The more i report the players for spam, the more spam i get, so sick of it, every character, every time I log in, every day, every hour, SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM.

I wish blizzard would permanently put them on ignore when you report them for spam instead of a temporary ignore. The spammers use odd names and you cant have the mailbox open and the ignore window open at the same time… so then you gotta write down the name and ignore… not sure if that will stop the mail from coming to me, but then they will just use a different character…idk im just so sick of it

Please do something about it Blizzard

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When you report it puts the player on a temp ignore, hiding the mail until you log out. The mail technically is not deleted though, so you can delete the second mail.

Keep reporting though.


I like to right-click and report for spam. Before I hit the button to send the report, I once again right-click the name of the person, and click ignore. I then send off the report.

That way I don’t see them again, and it decreases my need to re-report the same individual every time I log back onto that character.


There is a catch though, it will affect character services until all emails time out, but you won’t see what is causing it because of the ignore.

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