I'm Getting In-Game Spam Mail

WTF blizz – someone mailed me in-game on this toon selling in-game carries for real money. In the 12 years I’ve been playing (started when Cata launched) this is the first time I’ve been spam-mailed sales from other players. How can I report them when they’re sending mail?
Disappointed too that this seems to be a thing now.


I got one too. Annoying.

It’s been “a thing” for many, many years. Kinda just like regular spam mail you get in your snail-mailbox or email. Report the email for spam, then ignore the person if you want.

I don’t know the method off-hand, because I have never done it, but I would imagine it’s a right-click. I’ll look it up and come back to edit. (I put the link in a subsequent post.)

If you absolutely must, you could send the info to hacks@blizzard.com, but that’s not really appropriate TBH. It’s kinda like bringing a video of a car crash you caught directly to the chief of police. There are better ways to deal with the issue.

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Anyone remember the mailbox being spammed with gold sellers? That was a blast.

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Here you go:

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The stomach-turning part of seeing these spam messages is knowing that enough players bite to make this kind of spamming and those kind of services profitable, despite the assured account loss…


I guess I’ve been lucky up to now to have never been bothered with it. I located the repot button in the mail - seeing how I’ve never had to do that before, now I know it’s conveniently located within the message.

Report it. That’s all you can do.

I remember back in Wod , you used to get spam mail and whispers from blizzerd that you won a special mount so go to this not so suspicious link to claim it .

Its been a long time since I seen one since then


As have I. People have been speaking of “in-game spam mail” for quite a long time, maybe even since day one. I’ve never received one on any of my characters either, and I have quite a few and have been playing for a very long time.

The other variant of that one I remember seeing was something along the lines of:

Blirzzadgm: You re account was compramized, please verify info at http://totally.legit/r6yfo3

More recently, a few months ago during Classic’s botpocalypse I got carry spam whispers.

I report them and it deletes the mail. Hope they stop it completely.

I’ve been getting them too, almost every day last week on multiple characters. Haven’t gotten any for a few days though. (fingers crossed)
Hoping Blizz will just have a huge bot banwave soon, this expansion has been overrun…

I’ve just sent you a mail saying “Go in service.”

someone still thinks blizz will do something to address player complaints… how quaint


Pretty sure I used to get these all the time in the Vanilla - Wrath days.

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Yeah I’ve received a few myself. Just report & move on.

You can report the mail itself.

I’ve reported like 5 of these. Don’t they get banned for advertising?

Sure they do.

But the industry is based on account compromise. They don’t care if they get closed. They just fire up another stolen account and spam again. And still people buy gold. And carries. And other things from an industry that lives off stealing from their customers.

If people weren’t too lazy to play a video game, this industry wouldn’t exist. But there you go.