How To Beta - Get Started Testing the War Within Beta Here

Once you’ve been added to the War Within Beta, there are a few steps to take to begin testing.

Initial Steps

  1. First and foremost, all Beta testers will see a new GAME VERSION in the App.

It looks like this:


You must select the Game Version: The War Within Beta to playtest the Beta. If you have selected any other game version, you will not be playing the Beta.

  1. Hit the PLAY button to launch the War Within Beta.

  2. If you have multiple WoW accounts, you may see some of them listed like this:


You can pick any WoW account. It does not matter which is selected. We recommend that you pick the first account listed and then always select that one if you’re prompted to again.

  1. If you are prompted to select Timerunning, please decline that. Instead, hit the select button to create a standard character.

  2. You may now create a test character and begin testing the Beta!

When the Copy Character service is available, you can click on the Copy Character button on the character selection screen to choose an existing character for testing. Please note that the Copy Character service may be disabled or non-functional at any time throughout the Beta period.

Your Feedback is Important

Access to the Beta grants you access to post in this forum, the War Within Beta Test forum. If you last logged into the WoW forums before you received Beta access, you will be required to log out and log back into the forums in order to start posting here.