How long response to the ban appeal ticket?


HOW LONG RESPONSE TO THE BAN APPEAL TICKET? 30+ hours ago I sent an apilation to the ban of another account and still haven’t answered, I sent gold from all my multi-boxes to 1 main (to this account) and as a result I got a ban on one of them and cancellation due to RMT when will I be unban?

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Woosh! Good thing you edited out your e-mail. It’s half of your login information and a great way to get hacked!

You wait as long as it takes for them to reply to your ticket. Posting here will not speed things up.


and how can I transfer gold to my multibox without a ban? for example, through the mail with the answer to the secret question, to make it easier to prove? that I am the owner of both records and this is not RMT

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To expand upon what Perl said, the ticket response time is most likely relying on your place in the ticket queue as well as how long it takes to review the penalty again.

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You don’t actually need to prove anything. They will look at their own internal logs. If the accounts are all in your name and the gold was earned legitimately in-game, then that’s what their records will show.

While it’s possible that something you did might have raised a red flag, only a real GM can ban or suspend an account.

That means that at least one person has looked and found an issue. But that’s also why there is the appeals process. To get a second set of eyes on it.

But no, there’s no way to send gold in such a fashion that it will bypass any internal systems for flagging suspicious behavior.


After this ban, I am now afraid to give anyone any amount of gold for no reason at all (yesterday asmongold asked me to give him gold for epic mount, but I refused him because of this ban (


I do see one open. It has to be reviewed, and one this complex may take a bit longer than usual.


Why would you give a streamer gold?

Regardless. You are allowed to give your gold to whomsoever you wish. But certain amounts will trigger a reaction on Blizzard’s end because of gold sellers.

Blizz can see where it comes from and where it goes upon appeal.


this is a social game, and suddenly I dont want to buy things, because they simply arent at the auction I need, but I can give people joy, but at the moment I can get a ban for it (and another question is whether it can be bought for gold loot (not boe) from for example onyxiy? is it considered as rmt?


Anything tradeable in-game for gold is fine.

ANYTHING for real world cash is strictly forbidden, be it loot, services, gold - anything.


RMT means in game items ( not just gold) for real world money.

If you’re innocent, you have nothing to worry about.

Good luck on your appeal. I’ll keep my opinion on giving mooches “joy”.


Please take your time…


She’s not a GM , nor the one reviewing the appeal.


and another question, do you(battlenet launcher) scan the browser cache when I’m in the game? for example, I often sit on the epicnpc website and sell instagramm, youtube accounts (but they also sell wow accounts, gold, I dont do this) mb because of this i get ban (rmt)


Just wait on your appeal.

You’re muddying the waters .

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That’s not something that they can answer. To be totally clear, they’re not going to go into any specifics about what caused the ban in the first place.

All they’re going to do is look into their logs and see if the ban was in error. If it was, then it will be reversed. That’s it. They don’t give specifics because those can be used to try and bypass the systems that Blizz has in place to catch people who are trading money for gold etc.


As Perl excellently and correctly mentioned early, you don’t need to prove anything. Blizzard relies solely on their internal logs. They can see everything. Where it came from, and where it went to.

Wait on your appeal.


I wasnt unbanned and do not explain exactly when the RMT was, the ticket US68623530, but I sent a new one US68639238 and I hope another employee will examine me, since I did not send anywhere and received gold except for my 5 accounts. it feels like I killed GM mine boxer and he took revenge on this ban (although I do not abuse boxer in pvp if I was not hit first)

I provided all the data (security question, subcr purchase number (visa), name of the owner (me)) but your um replied that I allegedly dealt with rmt … if so, ban my 4 other accounts.

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The answer is still the same. Wait on your newest appeal.

There is no “revenge” from a GM, and that is a very serious accusation as it involves someone’s real life job/career.


but if its real rmt why did they ban only 1 account? if i did the same with a trade with four other my accounts, banned the remaining accounts, they are no different