How do I live chat customer support?


I am having issues regarding characters transfers. I have had this problem for a week now but my web ticket only gets a reply every 20 hours or so and we can’t seem to resolve the issue.

How do I start live chat?
I went to this link Contact Support - Blizzard Support ( which was given to me by the customer support team over on twitter but the live chat option is greyed out. I refresh the browser every minute and it’s still greyed out. I understand that they are only open from 12pm-3pm PDT. I’ve also used 3 different browsers and I can’t access it.


While there are specific hours that it normally is available, availability may change based on contact volume. The best recommendation I can give, Fronzak, is just keep trying back.

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How long do I try for? Should I stop refreshing at 3pm PDT? Or should I continue to refresh until I midnight?

It just says unavailable without giving me an estimated wait time

High volume may require live chat to be closed, but it usually isn’t extended beyond the posted hours.

If you aren’t able to get through to live chat, you might try using the Purchase Failure option. I know it might take longer, if this is something that we can help with outside of live chat it might be the best option.


Im sorry - what’s the purchase failure option? I’ll do anything at this point to get my problem resolved. It’s been a week that I’m sending tickets with no success.

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Click on Contact Support in the upper right corner of the website. Then World of Warcraft > (I would rather categorize the issue) > Payments > Purchase failure.


Does this actually work? Because I am having the same issue and can’t get a response for going on 24 hours now from your end. I have opened multiple tickets, even just now 1 with the purchase failure options. So still waiting on a response from your end. I have been locked out of a character for close to 24 hours now and getting very aggravated with your lack of support to the issue.


It appears to be open, but can close depending on how many contacts are currently trying to get in.


yeah this way works much better than just opening a ticket, because it’s already resolved and they cancelled my order for me and are letting me get in and fix the transfer issue now

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im having the same issue, i cant do anything with the group finder because I need to add the blizz authenticator. cant do that because the phone numbers old. try to update the phone number and its sending a code to the old phone number. So theres no physical way for me to update my phone number without the old one. And no matter how many times I google search “blizzard live chat” or even call the customer support number. Nothing.

Blizzard doesn’t have a customer support number.

Open a web ticket. They responded to me in an hour or so, last week. This isn’t something for which Live Chat really benefits.




Live Chat is only usable for billing issues.

There hasn’t been a phone number to call for years.

You’ll have to submit a ticket and wait for it to cycle through the system. They are answered in the order that they are received, so you’ll just need to have some patience. In the future, it is wise to update your information regularly to keep something like this from happening again.

You will have to submit your ID (and I hope your account was registered with your proper legal information). But you can submit your ticket here:


The live chat has been greyed out for going on a month, and i just need to make a payment to unlock my hearthstone account. Its literally useless. Im basically just going to stop trying and play MTG arena.

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Live chat is open, Bronies.

I’d try another browser or device. When this issue pops up, it is typically due to something blocking. Security software, ad blockers - even other programs running that use overlays.

Given this thread is old, I’ll be closing it now.