Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

Ashes of creation I don’t think Is coming out anytime soon but I can’t wait.

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I could have swore I heard something about it being launched around May.

You’re right I just looked it up. Been in development a lot longer then I initially thought lol. That’s even better can’t wait !

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i agree with this, neglecting specs to a point that they are completely trash and unplayable in both PVP and PVE is the worst thing blizzard is doing. Blizzard thinks that people can just reroll and have fun, when in actuality everyone has a preference and a way of enjoying the game. You can’t force your customers to play a certain spec just by nerfing the spec that they love.


Saw the writting on the wall when rogue got hammered into the ground and the awc date was anounced the next day. Well here’s to a month of waiting because blizzard in all the years of experience and infinite wisdom will be worried about changing anything on a now “competitive and balanced game”. Imagine the ego to think you got it right after 1 week?


Pst. Callous Concoctions which is in the same zone as Bet on Yourself was also a yellow check mark. Fixing one and not the other is kind of embarrassing.

This was the nail in the coffin for the Maw for me. I had two Hunts bugged, and just gave up after this one. I haven’t been in the Maw since.

Seriously 2 weeks and not a single mention of the broken venthyr command table or legion raid scaling.



And still no buff to fury warriors​:joy::sweat_smile::sweat:


I skipped BFA, so I’ve forgotten how little Blizzard cares about small things that need fixing. It’s literally a waste of time to leave feedback on anything design-wise.

Far as we know, Ion may think the table is working as intended, even though – from what I’ve heard – that’s definitely not the case.

As for Legion scaling…probably the same thing. Doing Legion+ content requiring more time to set up = higher engagement metrics.

Ion thinks the game is good, he’s so outta touch with the community its pathetic that he is in the position he is in


Stunning, really, that they didn’t fix the Monster Hunting bug from last week’s Night Fae covenant quest line.

I mean, you build a whole expansion around the idea of covenants, tie so much to being able to advance in renown which is partly through the covenant campaign, and then you leave in a major bug in the campaign quest line that multiple people have reported experiencing. Some have come to the forum to find a workaround, but how many simply give up with the expac because of not being able to advance, at first blush?

Instead, we get this uber-important fix:

OMG, WoW/expac saved!

And of course this is not to mention many other issues with SL, including other bugs of a more serious nature.


I think he sees two types of players: hardcore, and casual…unsure if he sees inbetween very often.

Are they going to do class/spec tunings ?


Once they get the combat pet thing worked out.


I hope they balance the pet battles for castle nathria. I wouldn’t want my all beast team to be underrepresented. I don’t want them to be mistaken for a frost mage.


is this a joke lol?


Yes. Although the last time I did any serious pet battling was stopping a mythic + group to catch the handy pet in Mechagon. They weren’t super happy but we still timed it. It helped I knew them all.

I am waiting for a class balance patch/hotfix myself. It would be nice to brush off my frost mage since I quite enjoy it.


First time getting screwed on a spec? Come over to DK land where we are trash tier in PvP

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Top tier in pve tho atleast :sweat_smile:. Can’t say the same for any warrior spec. Well arms is good in pvp so there’s that igs if you pvp lol.